College Credit Application Process

Apply College Credit to Your Degree

Because Baker is an accredited university, these credits may be applied toward a degree. Contact your institution to see whether these courses can be used to complete your degree. If you’ve taken BCBSKS courses in the past, follow the steps below to register, and pay to have those courses placed on a Baker University transcript. They may still be eligible for credit.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Courses for College Credit

Application Process for Earning College Credit

  • Complete the Blue University of Kansas course.
  • Find the course you took from the course listing.
  • Download and complete the pdfBlue University of Kansas College Credit Registration Form.
  • Print the form and send it to Dr. M. Paula Daoust, cc811.
  • Dr. Daoust will validate your request and forward it to Human Resources, who will then submit your form to Baker University. Appropriate tuition fees will be paid in your behalf by HR benefits.
  • You will receive an email notification when your college credits are posted.
  • Request a transcript to transfer your college credits to the educational institution of your choice.