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Blue University of Kansas Evaluated Courses for College Credit

Course #

Course Title


MLP 2149 Supervisor and Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) 3 (undergraduate)
MLP 7127 Supervisor and Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) 3 (graduate)
MLP 2230 Leadership: Exploration 6
MLP 2150 Foundations of Leadership 2
  Choose one of the following sections:  
     A. Genuine Leadership: Trust  
     B. Essentials of Leadership  
  And complete all of the following sections:  
     C. Rapid Decision Making  
     D. Pygmalion Effect  
     E. Blue Chip Listening  
MLP 2151 Leadership: Building Trust 1
  Complete A or choose two from B, C and D.  
     A. Addressing Attitudes and Conflict  
     B. Leadership: What's Trust Got to Do With It?  
     C. Four Generations at Work  
     D. Derailed  
MLP 2152 Leadership: Building Relationships 1
  Complete A or choose two from B, C and D.  
     A. We  Care  
     B. Walk Awhile in My Shoes  
     C. Build Relationships Through Assertiveness  
     D. As Simple as Respect  
MLP 2153 Leadership: Making Sound Decisions 1
  Complete three of the following:  
     A. Innovation and Creativity @ Work  
     B. Abilene Paradox  
     C. Accountability that Works  
     D. Groupthink  
     E. Workload Management: Priority and Goals  
MLP 2154 Leadership: Motivation and Coaching 1
  Complete two of the following:  
     A. Whale Done!  
     B. Mars Surface Rover  
     C. Energized Workforce  
     D. Giving Recognition  
     E. Valuing Differences  
MLP 2155 Leadership: Managing Change 1
  Complete two of the following:  
     A. Thriving in Today's Changing Workplace  
     B. Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers  
     C. Stress Mess: Managing Stress in Your Life  
MLP 2156 Leadership: Communication  
  Complete A.  
     A. Deep Dive Grammar 2
  Or complete two of the following: 1
     B. Painless Business Grammar  
     C. Painless Business Emails  
     D. Presenting to Small Groups