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Health Care Administration

The certificate focuses on one of the nation's fastest growing and most challenging industries: health care administration. Students will develop foundational knowledge, explore health care policy, look at politics and ethics, and explore organizational adaptability, measures and benchmarks in the American health care industry.

Health Care Administration Courses

MGE 8251 American Health Care System
This course is a comprehensive overview of one of the largest industries in the United States, healthcare. Students explore the effects of social, political, organizational, cultural, economic and historical forces on this industry. Features and contours of this evolving and highly complex system are explored including levels of care, technology, and health outcomes. Current trends related to regulation, cost, quality and access are analyzed, with particular emphasis on the complexities and inherent counter purposes of commerce and ethical obligations manifest in healthcare. *Students are encouraged to take this course before enrolling in subsequent HA concentration courses. (3 credits)

MGE 8252 Fundamentals of Health Care Administration
Students analyze organizational dynamics and complex operational and regulatory factors that must be aligned to ensure the highest quality care, greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness. Operational divisions, functions, and groups including professional providers, care givers, and support services such as finance management, information services, human resources, plant services, and marketing are explored in relation to their integral value, purpose and function, and their unique perspectives. Emphasis on the creation of an environment of continuous improvement and organizational adaptability and success are explored. Measures and benchmarks of success are integrated throughout the course. *Students are encouraged to take this course immediately following MGE 8251 The American Health Care System and before enrolling in subsequent HA concentration courses. (3 credits)

MGE 8254 Health Care Policy and Politics
In this course students examine current public, health profession, and organizational policy at macro and micro levels, as well as trends for the future related to or affecting health care organizations and its consumers. Health industry manager/leader responsibility for organizational assessment, application, and operational change related to policy and politics is explored. Relevant public, professional, and organizational politics are examined within various types of health organization and support industry contexts. Distinction between policy and politics are elucidated throughout. (3 credits)

MGE 8256 Health Care Ethics
Students explore the ethical components, dilemmas and obligations in American health care organizations and systems. Specifically, ethical issues related to care giving and bioethics, demographic trends, relationships among organizational professionals and staff, delivery models, securing and allocating scarce resources, and technology are examined. Health care organizational ethics and obligations are analyzed, emphasizing the role of manager/leader in creating an ethical culture of care delivery and cost effectiveness. Various ethical decision-making models are compared and applied to case scenarios. (3 credits)

MGE 8258 Information Systems for Health Care Management
Students focus on the increasing presence and reliance on information technology and information systems in health care organizations and systems of all sizes and purposes. Today's health care manager/leader must understand the use, types, benefits and limitations of information technology on structure, processes and work design. Infrastructure requirements and cost, security, and related regulation and law are reviewed. Selection and alignment of information management with organizational strategic planning to achieve high levels of performance are emphasized throughout. (3 credits)

Human Resources

The certificate offers a deep exploration of issues related to effective management of human resources in an increasingly competitive business environment. Students will examine the role of the manager through staffing, employee development and retention, employee relations, employment law and global human resources management.

Human Resources Courses

MGE 8742 Global Human Resources
Students will examine the challenges of international business and the role of Human Resources in worldwide organizations. Students will differentiate between domestic and international policies, procedures, and strategies for effectively managing human resources in the global environment. (3 credits)

MGE 8740 Employee Development and Retention
In this course, students explore the employer's role and responsibility in developing and retaining a highly motivated
workforce in a competitive employment environment. Students will also analyze employees' roles in managing their own career growth. (3 credits)

MGE 8741 Staffing
In this course, students will examine strategies and procedures for the lawful selection of employees. Students will explore effective selection techniques and the organization's legal responsibilities in recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring employees. (3 credits)

MGE 6023 Employment Law
In this course students will investigate the legal and regulatory backdrop for the management of organizational Human Resources. Students will analyze legislation and legal precedents that guide employers' actions and decisions and affect their relationships with their employees. (3 credits)

MGE 6023 Employment Law
In this course students will investigate the legal and regulatory backdrop for the management of organizational Human Resources. Students will analyze legislation and legal precedents that guide employers' actions and decisions and affect their relationships with their employees. (3 credits)

Leadership and Organizational Change

The certificate provides a foundation to explore the human side of business while developing frameworks and measurement systems for long-range business success. Students develop collaborative, versatile leadership skills through the lens of ethical business practices, social justice, global citizenship, and innovative approaches to conflict resolution and negotiation.

Leadership and Organizational Change Courses

MGE 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
In this course, student-leaders will focus on how managers become effective leaders by addressing the human side of business. Student-leaders will integrate effective communication skills, through study of conflict resolution and negotiation, coaching and mentoring techniques, and evaluation of individuals, teams, and overall organizational performance levels. (3 credit hours)

MGE 530 Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability
This course is designed for awareness of social, cultural, economic, political, financial implications and vulnerabilities. Personal values, legal requirements, ethical standards will be explored in relation to balancing equity for shareholders, customers, internal/ external audiences. Topics will include labor laws, outsourcing, fiscal management, and transparency. (3 credit hours)

MGE 580 Sustainability for Future Success
This course will look at growth and sustainability strategies with a focus on current models, frameworks, and measurement systems for long-range business success. Students will develop and determine sustainable business plans for current companies looking at industry trends, consumer research, financial success, and community responsibility. Creative and innovative approaches to business sustainability will be reviewed and applied. (3 credit hours)

MGE 585 Winds of Change
This course is designed to ascertain the impact of internal and external environmental issues (e.g., social, cultural, economic, ethical, legal, political, financial) on opportunities and risks in global marketplace. After in-depth analysis, student-leaders will determine which dynamics provide a competitive advantage. (3 credit hours)

MGE 590 Strategic Leadership: Vision to Implementation
In this course, student-leaders will explore how successful leaders develop a vision for the future, align the organization behind that vision, and motivate people to achieve the vision. The design of effective organizations is dependent upon managing change to achieve superior performance. Students will develop plans for creating and sustaining a climate for corporate growth that adapts through strategic agility and resilience. (3 credit hours)


The certificate undertakes a competitive market analysis of successful influences on customer and consumer behavior. Students explore how social media is changing marketing practices. Students will create a brand for themselves, evaluate strategies for start-up companies, and research partnerships with advertising agencies using practical application and field studies.

Marketing Courses

MGE 5201 Entrepreneurial Start-Up Marketing
In this course, students will focus on successful marketing entrepreneurship that could be applied to small businesses in the early stages of growth. An analysis of marketing solutions will engage students in the strategies, execution, and return-on-investment challenges unique to a start-up enterprise. (3 credits)

MGE 8102/MGE 8753* Community-Based Marketing
Students will compare how marketing tactics are customized to successfully connect with individual customers in local markets. Leveraging unique differences requires examination of key
demographics, ethnic diversity, generational influence and specific interests. (3 credits)

MGE 8103/MGE 8754* Changing Face of Marketing
Students explore the marketing revolution that is currently underway including the evolution of customer targets such as ethnic, gender, media, resource allocation, and migration from national marketing to grassroots marketing strategies and tactics. Students will analyze emerging marketing tools such as the internet, event and key influences, and advocacy. (3 credits)

MGE 8782 Growing Market Share in Diverse Cultures
In this course, students will appraise the planning and processes of entry into diverse cultural and economic environments. They will investigate the challenges of product adaptation, export pricing, international distribution, and international communication. (3 credits)

MGE 8750 Consumer Behavior in American Society
Students will analyze the consumer decision process in the current marketplace. Consumer perceptions and attitudes, the role of group influence, and the essential nature of customer satisfaction are key components of this course. (3 credits)

MGE 8751 Advertising Strategies and Campaigns
In this course, students will design an advertising campaign. Students will focus on marketing communication including, targeting, branding, promotion, media and the purchase decision process. Agency management will be included along with insights from contemporary industry perspectives. (3 credits)

MGE 8752 Creative Branding: Emotional Connection
In this course, students will develop awareness and appreciation for the strategies successful brands utilize to distinguish their positioning. Students will apply creative branding principles to conceive their own personal brand. This process requires distinguishing unique individual attributes, tangible and intangible, to build higher level emotional connections with the key professional influences they interact with every day. (3 credits)