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Wednesday, 23 April 2014 14:17

Tennis Picks up Three Victories

BALDWIN CITY, Kan. – The Baker University men's and women's tennis teams each picked up three wins over the past two week's of competition.

The men's team defeated Doane College, 6-3, then took down John Brown, 9-0, while also defeating Hesston College, 8-1, all before falling to nationally ranked Graceland.

On the women's side, Baker went 3-2 in that stretch by defeating Stephens College, 5-3, Hesston College, 7-2 and Greenvile College, 9-0, before losing to Doane, 6-3, and HAAC opponent Graceland, 9-0.

For a full look at all of the results, please see below.

Baker Men's Tennis vs. Doane College on April 11, 2014

Overall Baker won 6-3

Baker University             Doane College                    Winner               Score
Michael Draper               Dylan Ramey                      Baker University 6-1 6-2
Zach Aldrich                  Christian Klieland                 Doane College    7-5 6-2
Gavin Webster               Daichi Ozawa                      Baker University 7-5 6-3
Aaron Greenbaum          Muijj Ghani                          Doane College    8-6
Devin Glasgow              Chance Hohensee                Doane College    8-5
Ryan Gleue                   Aaron Cooke                       Baker University  7-5 6-2
Webster/Aldrich             Ramey/Sebastia Gardefjord  Baker University  8-6
Draper/Greenbaum        Cooke/Klieland                     Baker University  8-6
Theo Nichols/Glasgow   Josh Johnson/Ghani             Baker University  8-6

Baker Men's Tennis vs. John Brown, April 12, 2014

Overall Baker won 9-0

Baker University             John Brown (Ark.)            Winner                Score
Michael Draper               Alex Baker                       Baker University  7-5 6-0
Zach Aldrich                  Cameron McLendon           Baker University  7-5 7-6(7-4)
Gavin Webster               Brandon Laney                  Baker University  6-0 6-0
Aaron Greenbaum          Colton Cheek                    Baker University  6-4 6-1
Devin Glasgow              Blake Zoellner                   Baker University  6-1 6-4
Ryan Gleue                  Cole Mowrer                      Baker University  6-1 6-0
Webster/Aldrich            Cheek/McLendon               Baker University  8-3
Draper/Greenbaum        Baker/Landey                    Baker University  8-2
Theo Nichols/Glasgow   Luke Pascoe/Zoellner        Baker University  8-1

Baker Men's Tennis vs. Hesston College on April 17, 2014

Overall Baker won 8-1

Baker University              Hesston College              Winner                   Score
Michael Draper                Eric Cender                     Baker University     6-0 6-4
Zach Aldrich                   Drew Hostetler                 Hesston College     6-3 6-3
Gavin Webster                Yuu Sakaguchi                Baker University     6-3 6-3
Aaron Greenbaum           Domick Murray                Baker University     7-5 6-1
Devin Glasgow                Kendrick Mast                Baker University     6-2 6-3
Ryan Gleue                     Tyler Roth                      Baker University    6-0 6-1
Webster/Aldrich               Hostetler/Murray             Baker University    8-2
Draper/Greenbaum          Cender/Sakaguchi           Baker University    8-4
Theo Nichols/Glasgow     Kendrick Mast/Colentz    Baker University    8-1

BU Men's Tennis vs. No. 23 Graceland on Apr. 18, 2014

Graceland wins, 9-0

Graceland University              Baker University               Winner         Score
Birkir Gurnnarsson                 Michael Draper                  Graceland    6-2, 6-2
Jose Daniele Razo Torres      Zach Aldrich                      Graceland    6-1, 6-1
Jamie Sordyl                        Gavin Webster                   Graceland    6-1, 6-0
Brezile Hamilton                   Aaron Greenbaum               Graceland   6-0, 6-0
Gustavo Yanez                    Theo Nichols                       Graceland  6-0, 6-2
David James Parker             Dylan Gieck                        Graceland  6-1, 6-0
Gurnnarsson/Razo Torres     Webster/Aldrich                   Graceland  8-0
Parker/Hamilton                   Draper/Greenbaum               Graceland  8-3
Sordyl/Tun Jie                     Nichols/Geick                      Graceland  8-0

Baker women's tennis vs. Doane College on Apr. 11, 2014

Overall Doane College won 6-3

Baker University            Doane College                 Winner                  Score
Megan Henry                 Kendra Ritter                   Baker                   6-2 6-2
Caitlyn Metseff              Torey Kogel                     Doane College      6-2 6-1
Lulu Ruding                   Jade Patterson                 Baker University  6-2 6-1
Caroline Lockwood         Lani Brown                       Doane College     6-2 6-2
Bre Cunningham            Allison Pfeifer                   Doane College     7-6(7-5) 6-3
Victoria Bostic               Kalyn Bamesburger          Doane College     6-2 6-2
Ruding/Henry                 Kogel/Pfeifer                   Doane College     8-3
Cunningham/Metseff      Collee/Patterson              Baker                 8-1
Lockwood/Vila               Brown/Gaby Wright          Doane College    8-5

BU Women's Tennis vs. Greenville College in Columbia, Mo. on Apr. 12, 2014

Overall Baker won 9-0

Baker University             Greenville College                  Winner                  Score
Megan Henry                  Kristen Lynch                        Baker University    6-3 6-0
Caitlyn Metseff               Lezlie Blaser                         Baker University    6-1 6-4
Lulu Ruding                    Chelsie Evans                       Baker University    6-1 6-2
Caroline Lockwood          Anna Brannon                       Baker University    10-5
Jaimie Myers                 S. Rauch                               Baker University    6-0 6-2
Bre Cunningham            E. Britt                                   Baker University   10-2
Henry/Myers                  Lexi Baysinger                       Baker University    8-3
Metseff/Ruding              Evans/Blaser                         Baker University    8-2
Lockwood/Cunningham   Brannon/Maurer                     Baker University    8-0

Baker women's tennis vs. Stephens College in Columbia, Mo. on April 12, 2014

Overall Baker won 5-3

Baker University             Stephens College             Winner                   Score
Megan Henry                  Dina Kaissi                      Stephens College   6-1 6-0
Caitlyn Metseff               Chelsea Criss                   Stephens College   6-2 6-0
Lulu Ruding                    Courtney Huels                 Baker University     7-6(7-4) 6-1
Caroline Lockwood          Gracie Strawn                   Baker Univrersity    6-2 3-6 10-1
Jaimie Myers                  Dani Kelley                       Unfinished             Retired
Bre Cunningham             Emily Mendoza                 Baker University     6-0 6-2
Henry/Myers                   Kaissi/Criss                     Stephens College    8-0
Metseff/Ruding               Huels/Strawn                    Baker University     8-2
Lockwood/Cunningham    Kelley/Mendoza                Baker University    1-1 (retired)

BU Women's Tennis vs. Hesston College on Apr. 17, 2014

Overall Baker won 7-2

Baker University            Hesston College               Winner                 Score
Megan Henry                 Sara Aeschliman              Hesston College   3-6 7-6(7-3)
Jaimie Myers                Savannah Mitchell             Baker University  6-0 6-0
Bre Cunningham           Elizabeth Wilder                 Baker University  6-3 6-1
Caroline Lockwood        Narumi Haymo                   Hesston College  6-3 6-3
Madison Wendt             Victoria Kropf                    Baker University  6-3 6-4
Victoria Bostic              Sierra Wyse                      Baker University  8-2
Henry/Myers                Aeschliman/Mitchell           Baker University  8-0
Metseff/Cunningham    Wilder/Haymo                    Baker University  8-3
Wendt/Evelyn Vila       Kropf/Morgan Martin           Baker University  8-3

Baker Women's Tennis vs. Graceland on Apr. 18, 2014

Overall Graceland won 9-0

Graceland University                  Baker University           Winner                       Score
Jessica Worring                         Megan Henry                Graceland University  6-0, 6-0
Fatima El Otmany                      Caitlyn Metseff             Graceland University  6-0, 6-0
Melynda Simmons                     Lulu Ruding                  Graceland University  6-0, 6-0
Sofia Jaramillo                          Caroline Lockwood        Graceland University  6-1, 6-0
Amy Harberthier                        Jaimie Myers                Graceland University  6-3, 6-2
Karina Cardiel                           Bre Cunningham            Graceland University  6-1, 6-2
Amy Harberthier/El Otmany       Henry/Myers                 Graceland University  8-2
Simmons/Jaramillo                   Metseff/Ruding             Graceland University  8-2
Worring/Cardiel                        Lockwood/Cunningham  Graceland University  8-5


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