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Friday, 27 September 2013 13:51

Where are They Now?

Baker Athletics explores what Wildcat alumni have been up to since their glory days as a BU student-athlete. In this feature, we catch up with Sarah Douglass. 

Douglass is a 2006 graduate who played as a defensive specialist for the volleyball team and works as a Financial Analyst for Cerner Corporation.

After graduation, Douglass attended Benedictine College where she worked as the Graduate Assistant Volleyball coach and graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration.

sarah douglass 1Baker Athletics: What is your fondest memory about playing for Baker?

Sarah Douglass: Home games. We drew a large, rowdy crowd of students, parents, and professors. Even now, I make a point of coming back to attend a home game every year because the energy just can’t be beat.

Baker Athletics: What have you been doing since you left Baker?

Sarah Douglass: After graduating from Baker, I attended Benedictine College where I worked as the Graduate Assistant Volleyball coach and graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration. Since then, I have been working as a Financial Analyst for Cerner Corporation.

Baker Athletics: Do you still keep in touch with your Baker teammates?

Sarah Douglass: Absolutely. Some of the best friends I ever made I met during training camp my freshman year. Since graduation, my inner circle has moved all across the country, but I regularly use a visit to see them as an excuse to travel. Just last month, I traveled to Salt Lake City to attend a wedding of a former teammate. They’re all having babies now, which is crazy and awesome.

Baker Athletics: How did your time at Baker impact your life?

Sarah Douglass: When I look back on my life and think about the pivotal moments, I am always reminded of my decision to attend Baker. The opportunity to be a collegiate athlete, the education I received, and the people I met, were all major contributors to the person I am today.

Baker Athletics: Looking back now what is some advice you would give to a Baker freshman, along with seniors about to graduate?

Sarah Douglass: Freshmen, find a healthy balance in your life. Your first year is going to be jam-packed with opportunities to be involved in anything and everything. This will be a true test of time management and self-motivation.

Seniors, don’t underestimate the power of networking. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. Honestly, when I was a senior I was terribly confused on the concept and was convinced that it meant approaching strangers on the street and forcing my business card in their face. It’s much simpler than that. If anything, it’s just taking the time to meet new people and having a friendly conversation.

 Baker Athletics: What got you interested in the sport of volleyball?

sarah douglass 2

 Sarah Douglass: I played several sports when I was young, but I enjoyed volleyball the most. Perhaps it was the opportunity run and jump and hit things and that be considered perfectly normal behavior?

Baker Athletics: What was it like playing for current Baker head coach Kathy Allen?

Sarah Douglass: I am so appreciative to have had Coach Allen as a coach and mentor. She is extremely passionate about the team and is very knowledgeable of the sport. She changed the sport for me and helped me realize the meaning of hard work and achieving goals I set for myself. Eight years later, we still keep in touch. 

Baker Athletics: What went into your decision to attend Baker University?

 Sarah Douglass: Baker was a perfect fit for me. I am originally from Overland Park, so Baker was far enough away from home to feel independent, but close enough to visit my family regularly. I also thrived in the smaller class sizes. I graduated with a degree in Business and Psychology and very much appreciated the personal relationships with the professors. (Shout out to Dr. Hatcher and Dr. Carter!)






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