Supporting Your Student Through Typical Transition Issues

Transitions are not limited to the first few weeks of attending a university. Additional transitions appear throughout the typical academic year for both new freshman and transfer students who may have been living at home while attending their previous institution.

Milestones Throughout the Year


Overall excitement, homesickness, initial roommate worries, abuse of freedom, multiple calls or visits home


First sets of tests, maybe a few roommate challenges


Midterm exams, personal decision making regarding schoolwork, friends and fitting in, consequences of study habits


Fall illnesses, tests and papers due, apprehension and excitement about going home for Thanksgiving, enrollment for next semester, economic anxiety as funds begin to dwindle


Continued mixed feelings about going home for campus break, final exams and papers due, extracurricular time strain with seasonal parties, concerts, social service projects


New semester, decisions regarding fall semester performance and figuring out what adjustments need to be made


Possible distress about Valentine’s Day, possible recurrence of homesickness, relief to be back at school, desire for winter to end, decisions about living situation for next year


Spring break, making choices for next school year, deciding to keep current majors or consider new ones, midterm exams and grades, summer employment or internship stress


Return of spring weather, quickly approaching end of semester, registration for next semester courses, questioning whether they're in the right place or heading in the right direction


Final exams, last-minute summer planning, choosing to stay or go home, distress about leaving friends, feeling overwhelmed that the first year at BU is over