Baker University Student Health Service

Limited diagnostic testing and some medications are available at the health center. Physician referrals, testing and medication not available in the health center, as well as hospital emergency room visits, ambulance service and hospitalization are the financial responsibility of the students.

Health Insurance

A voluntary health insurance plan is available, and students who are not covered by their parents’ health insurance are encouraged to enroll. Insurance coverage is mandatory for international students and student athletes.

 Medical History & Immunizations

Students must submit a health form indicating medical history and insurance and a complete and updated immunization record. All records are kept confidentially in the health center office. Online Health FormpdfHealth Form

A HOLD will be placed on the student’s record at the Office of the University Registrar if the immunization records are not provided with the health history form.

All athletes must complete an additional physical by a medical doctor before being able to participate in their sport. The form is available on the Sports Medicine pages of the Baker University athletic website.

Missed Class Because of Illness

If it is necessary to miss class because of injury or illness, it is the student's responsibility to contact his or her professors. It is at the discretion of the professor whether an excused absence is granted. Information can be requested from the health center. Absences of more than three consecutive days should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs.

After Hours

Students who live in a residence hall and become ill in the evening or on a weekend should contact a resident assistant or hall manager. The assistants are trained in first aid and will make the appropriate referrals. Students who do not live in a residence hall should contact Student Health Services or the nurse directly. If immediate emergency care is needed, dial 911 for Douglas County Sheriff’s Emergency Service, 24 hours a day.