Residency Requirement Exemptions

All full-time Baker University students on the Baldwin City campus are required to live in university-sponsored housing, as stated under Residence Life in the Student Handbook:

. . . the university is committed to providing student housing for each student and to establishing a residential environment where information and guidance is combined with opportunities to learn through engagement with other residents, Student Affairs staff, and faculty. All full-time students (12 or more hours per semester) are required to live in university-sponsored housing unless they qualify for an exemption.

Living on campus provides important opportunities to students, such as closer interaction with classmates and added security. Nationally, students living on campus have higher grade point averages, are more active in campus organizations, and are more satisfied with the overall college experience.

Exemptions to the Residency Requirement

Students who meet certain criteria may request to be considered for an exemption to the residency requirement. It is important to note that requests should be based on a need to live off campus, rather than a preference to live off campus. The request to live off-campus must be based on one of the reasons outlined below. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation sufficient to justify the exemption.

Exemption requests will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Requesting an exemption does not guarantee off-campus permission; therefore, students should not enter into a lease or other housing agreement until they receive an emailed response confirming the granted exemption.

Important Note: Cost of attendance is calculated differently when living in university housing versus off-campus housing. Because cost of attendance is different, Baker-funded aid may be reduced by $1,000 if you are approved for an exemption. Students who were awarded a Residence Hall Grant as part of their financial aid must live in a residence hall, campus apartment, or Greek house to retain the grant.

Exemption Considerations

The following are reasons a student might be allowed to live off-campus. The required documentation that must be submitted before approval can be granted is also listed.

I have a documented medical disability that requires off-campus accommodations.

A completed voluntary intake form and medical verification form must be submitted to apply for this exemption. For more information, please review the student's guide to ADA services.

pdfVoluntary Intake Form | pdfMedical Verification Form

pdfStudent Guide to ADA Services

Baker University provides a verification procedure that supports the ADA access law. To begin the application process, interested students must contact the Access Services coordinator located in the Department of Student Academic Success (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The application process includes a voluntary intake (completed by student) and a medical verification form (completed by student's licensed health care provider). The severity of the diagnosis must meet or exceed established legal guidelines. Documentation from the Baker Health and Counseling Center will not be considered because of conflict of interest. 

This exemption, if granted, must be requested annually.

I have a significant financial need.

A completed FAFSA form must be submitted before approval. You must also submit a type-written statement explaining why you should receive an exemption because of financial need.

Important Note: Providing evidence of a less-expensive off-campus living option is not enough for consideration. Applications for this exemption must demonstrate a significant financial need in order to be considered. Factors used to determine significant financial need may include, but are not limited to, family EFC and maximization of loans available.

A type-written statement must be provided with the exemption for financial need. Problems of a financial nature are best provided in a statement from you, indicating why there is a financial need or how your financial situation has changed from the previous academic year. The financial challenges you are facing should be clearly explained. Because the issues you are experiencing may affect your eligibility for financial aid, thereby potentially alleviating concerns about housing or meal plans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at annually. Please be aware that all sources of Baker-funded aid are tied to compliance with Baker's housing policy. You may talk with Financial Aid staff about other available aid options.

This exemption, if granted, must be requested annually. 

Please do not attach your FAFSA application. If you have requested that Baker University receive your information, Baker's Office of Financial Aid will have access to your FAFSA information.

I am living with my parent or guardian.

A completed parent/guardian exemption contract must be submitted prior to approval.

The completed parent/guardian exemption contract must include notarized signatures of both the student and the guardian and all necessary contact information and must confirm the address at which the student will be living (MUST be the primary residence of parent/guardian). Students found to be living off campus without permission or at an unapproved address will be penalized up to and including full university room and board for all applicable semesters.

pdfParent/Guardian Exemption Contract

This exemption, if granted, must be requested annually. 

I am a fifth-year student.

A copy of your unofficial transcript must be submitted prior to approval.

Please enclose your Baker University transcript printed from your MyBaker account, stating Baker University credits earned. Students must have completed eight semesters (or the equivalent) of full-time enrollment following high school graduation.

This exemption, if granted, remains in effect for the remainder of your time at Baker.

I am married (or will be before the end of the semester for which the exemption is requested).

A copy of your marriage certificate must be submitted prior to approval.

This exemption, if granted, remains in effect for the remainder of your time at Baker.

I am age 23 or older (or will be before the end of the semester for which the exemption is requested).

A copy of your birth certificate, driver’s license or passport must be submitted prior to approval.

This exemption, if granted, remains in effect for the remainder of your time at Baker.

I am a transfer student and have lived off campus previously.

Copies of lease(s) or rental agreement(s) must be submitted prior to approval.

Transfer students wishing to live off campus must satisfy the following:

  1. Have lived off campus at a previous institution
  2. Be able to provide documentation of a previous off-campus lease (The previous lease or rental agreement should be with a nonfamily member and not be university/college-owned housing.)
  3. Bring an associate degree or at least 63 completed credit hours (in total, not necessarily Baker-approved)

This exemption, if granted, remains in effect for the remainder of your time at Baker.

I have a reason not listed.

A letter of explanation from you, plus supporting documentation must be submitted prior to approval.

If you are requesting permission to live off-campus because of a special situation not listed, please attach a typed, detailed letter explaining your situation and attach relevant documentation that provides a clear relationship between how living off campus addresses the stated need. If the reasoning includes financial considerations, your application will automatically be placed in the financial-need category, thereby requiring that you submit the FAFSA form online.

This exemption, if granted, must be requested annually.