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Service Learning & Volunteering

  • For questions about programs sponsored by Student Life:
  • Cassy Bailey
  • Dean of Students
  • Harter Union 30
  • 785.594.8431

Organizations looking for volunteers

Service Opportunities

Service is an integral part of the student experience at Baker University. Most students get involved in at least one service project during their college career.

Reaching Out

Baker students engage in community service locally and in the region, nation and even the world. Voluntary community service may be a one-time, short-term project or a lengthy, ongoing commitment by a group or just one student.

Projects organized by Baker reach beyond the campus to directly affect communities.

More Than Lectures & Textbooks

Every service experience is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum of the student.

We value learning that takes place not only within the classroom but also outside and within our community. Service learning courses promote hands-on learning by:

  • Addressing community needs
  • Engaging in civic responsibility
  • Actively reflecting on the learning taking place
  • Developing strengths that last a lifetime

Additional Service Opportunities

Find organizations located in and around Baldwin City that need volunteers to help them with their work.

Volunteer Interest Assessment

To make sure that you will enjoy your volunteer service, choose to work at an organization that closely aligns with your interests and needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself

What issues and causes matter the most to me?
Choose an organization that addresses the causes that matter to you so you don’t lose interest in volunteering.

What are my strengths and weaknesses?
Pick a volunteer job that will use your strengths. Not only will you enjoy yourself, you may also gain insight about what career field you want to enter after graduation.

How much time do I have to spare for volunteering?
Make sure that you will uphold your volunteer services agreement. Some volunteer opportunities require more time commitment from their volunteers than others. Ask someone at the organization about how much time they expect volunteers to spend.

What kind of environment do I want to work in?
Never pick volunteer work that will make you uncomfortable. Choose something that agrees with your personality. If you dislike working in large groups, for example, volunteering at a library may be the perfect fit.

Where is the volunteer opportunity located?
Choose to volunteer at a place that is convenient for you to get to.