Service Learning FAQ

What is service learning?

Service learning is more than volunteer work. Service learning is an innovative teaching tool that gives students the opportunity to learn more about a subject in a nonclassroom environment while giving back to their community.

How is it used?

Service learning integrates community service into a class’s curriculum. Successful service learning programs are structured volunteer opportunities that link students self-reflection and values learned during their service with their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

Can instructors apply service learning to every subject?

Yes. Some instructors may have to think creatively to include service learning into their curriculum, but every class can use service learning to further a student’s learning.

Is it used at Baker University?

Yes it is. Some instructors integrate service learning into their class; other classes focus solely on completing a service learning project. 

Why does Baker University offer service learning opportunities?

Baker University is committed to integrating values within the learning environment and is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to service their community.