Zeta Chi

Founded: Baker University, May 23, 1905
Colors: Crimson and gold
Social event: Ramble
Address: 903 Eighth St.


The oldest independent fraternity west of the Mississippi, Zeta Chi fraternity was founded on May 23, 1905 by men looking for a different experience than what was offered by the fraternities at that time. These men came together and created a self-governing organization that has flourished for more than 100 years.

Zeta Chi places great value on scholastic achievement, brotherhood and tradition. We have observed traditions that have endured for decades, such as Ramble, Zeta Chi’s yearly bonfire social event. Our fraternity provides many opportunities to spend time with people who will become lifelong friends. More than just a place to live, study and socialize, our chapter serves as a home away from home.

Our members are involved in a wide variety of activities and organizations at Baker University, including intramural sports, varsity athletics, Student Senate, admissions, orchestra, band, choir, theater and the award-winning campus newspaper. We believe that staying involved at Baker is crucial to the success of our members and an integral part of the fraternity experience.