Weddings at Baker

Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel
Baker University
515 6th Street
Baldwin City, KS 66006

We are pleased you are considering renting the Clarice L. Osborne Memorial chapel on the Baldwin City campus of Baker University as the site of your wedding. This information will assist you with determining arrangements.

pdfReservation Form


The Chapel provides seating for just under 100 people. If your wedding includes more than 100 guests, this facility will not accommodate your wedding.

Contact the chapel secretary to schedule your wedding: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 785.594.4553. Reservations allow one hour on site for the wedding rehearsal and three hours on site for the wedding. This rental fee and agreement does not include honoraria for clergy, musicians or other additional contracted services.

Your reservation will be confirmed and placed on our calendar when we receive the signed reservation form and the $50 (refundable) damage deposit, provided that the chapel is available the day and time of your request. The balance of the rental fee is due one month (four weeks) before your wedding date. Payment should be made by cash, check or money order. Credit cards are not accepted. Send the deposit and the signed request form to:

Baker University
Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel
P.O. Box 65
Baldwin City, KS 66006

  • Fee for couple with no Baker connection: $400
  • Fee for couple with Baker affiliation, e.g., Baker students, alumni, trustees of the University, faculty and staff: $200
  • Plus refundable damage deposit (required to confirm reservation): $50
  • Total projected cost: no Baker connection: $450
  • Total projected cost: Baker affiliates: $250


It is the sole responsibility of the bridal couple to arrange for ordained clergy or other official to perform the service.


Bridal couples are to contact and make all arrangements for accompanists and musicians to perform at your wedding. You may contact the Baker University Music Department (785.594.8478) to obtain a current list of local and student musicians to contact to perform at your wedding. (Student musicians are typically only available throughout the academic school year, early September through early May.)


Furnishings and fixtures are considered permanent and may NOT be moved, removed, borrowed, or taken outside the building for any purpose. These include all the fixtures in the chapel and in the offices in the lower level, e.g., baptismal font, cross, banners, candles, candlesticks, plants, baskets, trash receptacles, chairs, decorations.

To preserve the beauty of the chapel and the furnishings you may NOT use nails, hooks, tacks, screws, masking tape, florist putty, scotch tape or staples in or outside the chapel facility. Rice, birdseed and confetti are not allowed inside the chapel or on the Baker campus. Only drip-less candles are acceptable. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted on the Baker campus. Tobacco products in any from are not permitted in the chapel.

The chapel is located on a university campus, so we cannot guarantee that campus events and activities will not cause tourist activity and interference the day of your wedding. However, we can schedule your wedding during the best possible time if you indicate accurate arrival and departure times of your wedding party the day of your wedding. In addition we have many groups that reserve and use the chapel and meeting area in the lower level throughout the week, using the facility during day and evening hours. If additional rehearsal time is necessary for your musicians either they, or you, need to contact the chapel secretary to schedule a time for them when the chapel is available.

Contact the chapel secretary if you have further questions. Notify the office immediately to approve change in plans previously indicated on the reservation form.