BU Student Senate Funding Request Form

For Recognized Organizations of Baker University

Funding Process: Upon clicking the submit button, your form will be sent to the Internal Affairs Committee for review. If appropriate, the committee will forward your request on to the full senate for a vote, where you will be given the opportunity to present your request in person (date, time, and location will be provided to you).

Reimbursement Policy: Organizations granted funding by the senate should disburse such funds only for the use(s) outlined on the funding request form. As proof of meeting the requirement, receipts and/or a report of the event should be turned in to the treasurer of the aerate no later than 10 business days after use of the funds or by the first day of the next academic session if the University is not in session during disbursement of the funds. No appropriations may be made unless the funding request form is completed in full. No cash advancements. Reimbursements or account transfers only. Funds will not be dispersed before final receipt and submitted to Student Senate treasurer.

Reimbursement method (check one and fill in corresponding blanks)