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Section ID Title Gen Ed Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit Location Status
 AC390 A Accounting Internship  Pre-req: AC141 Requires Director of Career Services approval 3 Staff, Staff TBA TBA TBA 0/30 TBAOpen
 BS390 A Business Internship  Pre-req: permission of instructor Requires Director of Career Services approval 3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 0/30 TBAOpen
 CI260 A Career Involvement  Pre-req: Soph status & faculty approval 3 Staff, Staff TBA TBA TBA 0/20 TBAOpen
 CI360 A Career Involvement  Pre-req: CI260 or II255 or Jr/Sr status & faculty approval  3 Johnson, Jean TBA TBA TBA 0/30 TBAOpen
 CI360-1 A Career Involvement  Pre-req: CI260 or Jr/Sr standing 1 Morris, Erin TBA TBA TBA 0/1 TBAOpen
 EN120 AW Introduction to Literature LIT  3 Daugherty, Anne TBA TBA TBA 0/25 TBAOpen
 EN126 AW Introduction to Dramatic Literature LIT  3 Slankard, Tamara 9:00AM 11:00AM M T W R  0/25 Case Hall 307Open
 GN299 A IS:Germany's Role in the European Union   3 Appl, Cynthia TBA TBA TBA 0/1 TBAOpen
 HP245 A Human Nutrition FWB  3 Todden, Chris TBA TBA TBA 0/20 TBAOpen
 IS000 A Independent Study  Pre-req: 3.00 cum GPA & Professor, Chair, & Records approval 3 Staff, Staff TBA TBA TBA 0/20 TBAOpen
 IS000-1 A Independent Study  Pre-req: Instructor, Dept chair, & Registrar office approval 1 Records, Records TBA TBA TBA 0/20 TBAOpen
 IS001 A Study Abroad  Pre-req: Approval of Study Abroad Director 12 Records, Records TBA TBA TBA 0/10 TBAOpen
 LA401 A Science, Technology, & Human Values LA401 Pre-req: Sr. & LA102 or LA301 3 Giachino, Gary 1:00PM 3:00PM T W R F  0/10 Case Hall 108Open
 LA401 B Science, Technology, & Human Values LA401 Pre-req: Sr. & LA102 or LA301 3 Richards, John 10:00AM 12:00PM T W R F  0/10 Mabee Memorial Hall 300Open
 MM280 A Media Practica  Pre-req: MM241 or MM243 or MM244 or MM248 3 Mellinger, Gwyn TBA TBA TBA 0/10 TBAOpen
 MM480 A Media Practica  Pre-req: MM280 or instructor consent 3 Mellinger, Gwyn TBA TBA TBA 0/10 TBAOpen
 MU120 A Understanding Music AMT  3 Liston, Robin 11:00AM 12:30PM M T W R F  0/20 Owen Hall OW-AVOpen
 MU320 AW World Music NW  3 Lyerla, Trilla 9:30AM 10:50AM M T W R F  0/10 Owen Hall OW-AVOpen
 PS115 A Introduction to American Politics SS  3 Harvey, Mark TBA TBA TBA 0/20 TBAOpen

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