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Section ID Title Gen Ed Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit Location Status
 AE110 A Visual Language AMT  3 Balch, Inge Gyrite 8:30AM 9:20AM M W F  13/15 BennettOpen
 MU332 A History of Western Music II AMT/QS212 Pre-req: MU264 or permission of instructor 3 Liston, Robin 8:30AM 9:20AM M W F  12/30 Owen Hall 121Open
 TH320 A Theatre History I AMT/QS212  3 Heiman, Tom 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  6/20 Parmenter Hall 201Open
 BS330 A Quantitative Analysis for Business & Econ. II BS Pre-req: BS230 or equivalent course w/instructor approval 4 McCarthy, Kevin 2:30PM 3:20PM M T W R  19/24 Collins Library 104Open
 MA171 A Calculus I BS Pre-req: MA145 grade C or > and MA146 Co-Req: MA171 Lab 4 Martin, Mircea 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  29/40 Mulvane Science 211Open
 MA321 A Statistics II BS Pre-req: MA221 or instructor consent  3 Martin, Mircea 12:30PM 1:20PM M F  21/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 101Open
 CO230 A Communication Workshop CA Pre-req: Instructor consent 1 Emel, Susan 6:00PM 8:00PM W  17/1 Mabee Memorial Hall 101Closed
 CO230 B Communication Workshop CA Pre-req: Instructor consent 1 Emel, Susan 6:00PM 8:00PM W  18/1 Mabee Memorial Hall 100Closed
 TH423 B Stage Performance (2nd Half) CA Pre-req: Audition 1 Heiman, Tom TBA TBA TBA 0/5 TBAOpen
 AS120 A Drawing I CA/QS212  3 Jarnot, Jennifer 10:30AM 12:20PM M W F  12/12 Parmenter Hall LOFClosed
 AS130 A Ceramics I: Hand Building CA/QS212  3 Balch, Inge Gyrite 9:30AM 11:20AM M W F  9/15 BennettOpen
 AS135 A Ceramics I: Wheel throwing CA/QS212  3 Balch, Inge Gyrite 12:30PM 2:20PM M W F  13/15 BennettOpen
 AS170 A Digital Photography I CA/QS212  3 Jarnot, Jennifer 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  8/8 Collins Library 115AClosed
 EN130 A Introduction to Creative Writing CA/QS212 Well suited for freshmen: covers both prose & poetry 3 Mihalyi, Marti 2:00PM 3:15PM T R  15/15 Case Hall 307Closed
 MM170 A Digital Photography I CA/QS212  3 Jarnot, Jennifer 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  7/12 Collins Library 115AOpen
 MU207 A App Less:Beginning Collegiate Voice CA/QS212 Pre-req: voice faculty recommendation Co-req: MU207 Lab 1 Ziegler, Marci TBA TBA TBA 11/15 TBAOpen
 MU211-LB1 A App Less:Low Brass CA/QS212 Co-req: MU232 1 Perez, Frank TBA TBA TBA 2/10 TBAOpen
 MU211-LB2 A App Less:Low Brass CA/QS212 Co-req: MU232 2 Perez, Frank TBA TBA TBA 2/10 TBAOpen
 MU211-T2 A App Less:Trumpet CA/QS212 Co-req: MU232 2 Cooper, Will TBA TBA TBA 1/10 TBAOpen
 MU212-1 A App Less:Guitar CA/QS212  1 Becker, Tom TBA TBA TBA 6/10 TBAOpen
 MU212-2 A App Less:Guitar CA/QS212  2 Becker, Tom TBA TBA TBA 4/10 TBAOpen
 MU214-1 A App Less:Percussion CA/QS212 Co-req: MU232 1 Riley, Steve TBA TBA TBA 1/10 TBAOpen
 MU214-2 A App Less:Percussion CA/QS212 Co-req: MU232 2 Riley, Steve TBA TBA TBA 1/10 TBAOpen
 MU215-1 A App Less:Piano CA/QS212  1 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 8/10 TBAOpen
 MU215-2 A App Less:Piano CA/QS212  2 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 3/10 TBAOpen
 MU216-HS1 A App Less:High Strings CA/QS212 Co-req: MU222 1 Jackson, Lisa TBA TBA TBA 3/10 TBAOpen
 MU216-HS2 A App Less:High Strings CA/QS212 Co-req: MU222 2 Jackson, Lisa TBA TBA TBA 2/10 TBAOpen
 MU216-LS1 A App Less:Low Strings CA/QS212 Co-req: MU222 1 Lind, Ellen TBA TBA TBA 1/10 TBAOpen
 MU217-1 A App Less:Voice CA/QS212 Co-req: MU234 or MU235 1 Ziegler, Marci TBA TBA TBA 8/10 TBAOpen
 MU217-1 B App Less:Voice CA/QS212 Co-req: MU234 or MU235 1 Crispino, Cathy TBA TBA TBA 1/10 TBAOpen
 MU217-2 A App Less:Voice CA/QS212 Co-req: MU234 or MU235 2 Ziegler, Marci TBA TBA TBA 4/10 TBAOpen
 MU218-W1 A App Less:Woodwinds CA/QS212 Co-req: MU232 1 Parr, JD TBA TBA TBA 8/10 TBAOpen
 MU218-W2 A App Less:Woodwinds CA/QS212 Co-req: MU232 2 Parr, JD TBA TBA TBA 2/10 TBAOpen
 MU222 A Orchestra CA/QS212  1 Pretzel, Mark 2:30PM 3:20PM M W F  9/20 Owen Hall 108Open
 MU232 A Symphonic Band CA/QS212 Pre-req: Instructor Consent 1 Perez, Frank 4:30PM 5:20PM M T W R F  18/40 Owen Hall 108Open
 MU233 A Jazz Ensemble CA/QS212 Pre-req: Audition 1 Parr, JD 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  8/20 Owen Hall 108Open
 MU234 A University Singers CA/QS212  1 Crispino, Cathy 6:00PM 8:00PM R  28/40 Owen Hall 210Open
 MU235 A Concert Choir CA/QS212 Pre-req: Audition & Instructor consent 1 Crispino, Cathy 3:30PM 4:20PM M T W R  27/40 Owen Hall 210Open
 MU236 A Chamber Singers CA/QS212 Pre-req: Audition & Instructor consent 1 Crispino, Cathy 2:30PM 3:20PM T R  7/16 Owen Hall 210Open
 MU411-LB2 A App Less:Low Brass CA/QS212 Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level Co-req: MU232 or MU432 2 Perez, Frank TBA TBA TBA 3/5 TBAOpen
 MU414-1 A App Less:Percussion CA/QS212 Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level Co-req: MU232 or MU432 1 Riley, Steve TBA TBA TBA 6/5 TBAClosed
 MU415-1 A App Less:Piano CA/QS212 Pre-req: Previous study at 200-level 1 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 1/5 TBAOpen
 MU415-2 A App Less:Piano CA/QS212 Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level 2 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 5/5 TBAClosed
 MU416-LS2 A App Less:Low Strings CA/QS212 Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level Co-req: MU222 or MU422 2 Lind, Ellen TBA TBA TBA 2/5 TBAOpen
 MU417-1 A App Less:Voice CA/QS212 Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level Co-req: MU234 or MU235/MU435 1 Ziegler, Marci TBA TBA TBA 4/5 TBAOpen
 MU422 A Orchestra CA/QS212 Pre-req: MU222 and Jr and Sr status  1 Pretzel, Mark 2:30PM 3:20PM M W F  6/5 Owen Hall 108Closed
 MU432 A Symphonic Band CA/QS212 Pre-req: MU232 and Jr or Sr status 1 Perez, Frank 4:30PM 5:20PM M T W R F  15/20 Owen Hall 108Open
 MU433 A Jazz Ensemble CA/QS212 Pre-req: MU233 and Jr or Sr status 1 Parr, JD 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  8/16 Owen Hall 108Open
 MU435 A Concert Choir CA/QS212 Pre-req: MU235 and Jr or Sr status 1 Crispino, Cathy 3:30PM 4:20PM M T W R  11/20 Owen Hall 210Open
 MU436 A Chamber Singers CA/QS212 Pre-req: MU236 and Jr or Sr status 1 Crispino, Cathy 2:30PM 3:20PM T R  7/8 Owen Hall 210Open
 TH123 A Stage Performance (1st half) CA/QS212 Pre-req: Audition 1 Heiman, Patti TBA TBA TBA 7/20 TBAOpen
 TH123 B Stage Performance (2nd Half) CA/QS212 Pre-req: Audition 1 Heiman, Tom TBA TBA TBA 0/20 TBAOpen
 TH130 A Acting I CA/QS212  3 Devlin, Danny 2:00PM 3:15PM T R  9/20 Parmenter Hall DAROpen
 PH120 A Ethics FV  3 Peard, Thomas 2:30PM 3:20PM M W F  23/40 Case Hall 306Open
 PH239 A Philosophy of Religion FV CROSS-LISTED w/RE239 3 Peard, Thomas 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  4/8 Case Hall 306Open
 RE120 A Introduction to the New Testament FV  3 Pumphrey, Nicholaus 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  8/40 New Living Center 205Open
 EX184 A Lifetime of Fitness FWB  3 Holt, Erin 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  14/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 219Open
 EX245 A Human Nutrition FWB  3 Todden, Chris 9:30AM 10:45AM T R  25/45 Mabee Memorial Hall 100Open
 HP141 A Flag Football (1st Half) FWB  1 Thoren, Jason 12:30PM 1:20PM T R  22/20 Collins Gym CC-GYMClosed
 HP148 A Weight Lifting (2nd Half) FWB  1 Di Pol, Pete 11:30AM 12:20PM M W  9/25 Mabee Memorial Hall 109Open
 HP151 A Basketball (2nd Half) FWB  1 Thoren, Jason 12:30PM 1:20PM T R  24/25 Collins Gym CC-GYMOpen
 HP162 A Adapted Activities (2nd Half) FWB Pre-req: Dept Chair approval  1 Staff, Staff TBA TBA TBA 0/1 TBAOpen
 HP167 A Cross Training (1st Half) FWB  1 Di Pol, Pete 11:30AM 12:20PM M W  9/25 Collins Gym CC-GYMOpen
 HI127 A History of U.S. to 1877 HS/QS212  3 Ortiz, Leonard 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  15/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 300Open
 HI127 B History of U.S. to 1877 HS/QS212  3 Ortiz, Leonard 2:30PM 3:20PM M W F  14/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 100Open
 HI142 A World Civilizations III HS/QS212  3 Richards, John 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  33/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 100Open
 AH111 A Survey of Art History HT/QS212  3 Knappe, Brett 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  7/40 Owen Hall OW-AVOpen
 PH228 AW History of Ancient & Medieval Philosophy HT/QS212  3 Hatcher, Donald 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  4/25 Case Hall 100Open
 PH320 AW History & Philosophy of Science HT/QS212   3 Hatcher, Donald 2:30PM 3:20PM M W F  4/10 Case Hall 106Open
 EN122 AW Introduction to Fiction LIT/QS212  3 Janssen, Joanne 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  5/20 Case Hall 207Open
 EN210 AW American Literature: Colonial to 1890 LIT/QS212  3 Slankard, Tamara 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  7/20 Case Hall 307Open
 ED313 A Bilingual Education LP Pre-req: ED100 and Soph standing Pre-req or Co-req: ED243 3 Haines Dechairo, Lucy 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  6/40 Constant Hall CO2Open
 FR111 A Discovering French LP/QS311  4 Joyce, Erin 1:30PM 2:20PM M T W F  19/20 Case Hall 106Open
 FR203 A Building Proficiency in French LP/QS311 Pre-req: FR112 3 Joyce, Erin 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  14/20 Case Hall 108Open
 GN111 A Discovering German LP/QS311  4 Appl, Cynthia 11:30AM 12:20PM M T W F  6/20 Case Hall 100Open
 GN203 A Building Proficiency in German LP/QS311 Pre-req: GN112 3 Appl, Cynthia 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  4/20 Case Hall 100Open
 SP111 A Discovering Spanish LP/QS311  4 Cabrera, Mirna 11:30AM 12:20PM M T W F  19/20 Case Hall 106Open
 SP111 B Discovering Spanish LP/QS311  4 Cabrera, Mirna 12:30PM 1:20PM M T W F  14/20 Case Hall 106Open
 SP203 A Building Proficiency in Spanish LP/QS311 Pre-req: SP112 3 Lisenby, David 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  13/20 Case Hall 306Open
 SP203 B Building Proficiency in Spanish LP/QS311 Pre-req: SP112 3 Lisenby, David 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  6/20 Case Hall 306Open
 MA090 A Intermediate Algebra MP1  3 Johnson, Gene 9:30AM 10:45AM T R  27/30 Collins Library 107Open
 MA090 B Intermediate Algebra MP1  3 Johnson, Gene 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  30/30 Collins Library 107Closed
 BS230 A Quantitative Analysis for Business & Econ I MP2 Pre-req: Math Proficiency Phase I 4 Smrha, Judith 2:30PM 3:20PM M T W R  27/30 Collins Library 107Open
 MA145 A College Algebra MP2 Pre-req: Math Proficiency, Phase I 3 Levy, Louis 2:30PM 3:20PM M W F  38/40 Mulvane Science 211Open
 MA221 A Statistics I MP2 Pre-req: Math Prof, Phase I & Spreadsheet  3 Johnson, Gene 9:30AM 10:20AM M W  19/20 Case Hall 307Open
 MA221 B Statistics I MP2 Pre-req: Math Prof, Phase I & Spreadsheet  3 Johnson, Gene 11:30AM 12:20PM M W  32/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 101Open
 PY251 A Research Design and Analysis I MP2 Pre-req: PY111 & Math Prof Phase I Co-req: PY251 Lab  4 Ziegler, Rand 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  7/18 Mabee Memorial Hall 200Open
 BI120 A Human Ecology NS/QS211  3 Kimball, Scott 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  52/50 Mabee Memorial Hall 100Closed
 BI151 A Introduction to Molecular & Cell Biology NS/QS211 Co-req: BI151 L or QS211 3 Russell, Darcy 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  41/40 New Living Center 205Closed
 BI151 B Introduction to Molecular & Cell Biology NS/QS211 Co-req: BI151 L or QS211 3 Russell, Darcy 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  40/40 Case Hall 306Closed
 BI251 A Introduction to Ecological and Organismal Biology NS/QS211 Co-req: BI251 Lab 4 Kimball, Scott 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  18/32 Mulvane Science 124Open
 CH137 A General Chemistry I NS/QS211 Pre-req: MA145 or equivalent Co-req: CH137 Lab 4 Woodbridge, Cynthia 8:30AM 9:20AM M W F  43/60 Owen Hall OW-AVOpen
 PC125 A Introductory Physics I NS/QS211 Pre-req: MA145 or equivalent Co-req: MA146 & PC125 Lab 4 Hays, Eric 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  23/28 Mulvane Science 211Open
 PC225 A General Physics I NS/QS211 Pre-req or Co-req: MA171 Co-req: PC225 Lab 4 Sivron, Ran 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  26/40 Mulvane Science 211Open
 IN101 A Introduction to International Studies NW CROSS-LISTED w/PS117 3 Gibb, Ryan 2:00PM 3:15PM T R  14/40 Constant Hall CO3Open
 BI246 A Human Anatomy & Physiology I QS211 Pre-req: Sophomore status or instructor consent Co-req: BI246 Lab 4 Henry, Charmaine 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  59/60 Owen Hall OW-AVOpen
 CH131 A Chemistry: Principles & Applications QS211  3 Woodbridge, Cynthia 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  4/40 Mulvane Science 211Open
 CH251 A Organic Chemistry I QS211 Pre-req: CH138 & CH140 Co-req: CH251 Lab 4 Barbush, Michael 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  21/22 Mulvane Science 211Open
 PC325 A General Physics III QS211 Pre-req: PC226 Co-req: PC325 Lab 4 Sivron, Ran 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  11/12 Mulvane Science 409Open
 AH320 A History of Photography QS212  3 Knappe, Brett 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  7/40 Owen Hall OW-AVOpen
 AS232 A Graphic Design I QS212 CROSS-LISTED w/GD232 and MM232 3 Jarnot, Jennifer 9:30AM 10:45AM T R  3/4 Collins Library 115AOpen
 ED262 A Childrens Literature QS212 Pre-req: ED100 & ED243 CROSS-LISTED as EN262  3 Prosser, Charlsie 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  14/20 Case Hall 206Open
 ED362 A Exploring Young Adult Literature QS212 CROSS-LISTED w/EN362 3 Prosser, Charlsie 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  2/20 Case Hall 206Open
 EN215 A Studies in a Literary Genre: Science Fiction QS212  3 Slankard, Tamara 9:30AM 10:45AM T R  3/5 Case Hall 206Open
 EN223 AW World Literature QS212  3 Janssen, Joanne 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  7/5 Constant Hall CO3Closed
 EN262 A Childrens Literature QS212 CROSS-LISTED as ED262 3 Prosser, Charlsie 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  3/20 Case Hall 206Open
 EN330 AW British Literature to 1780 QS212 Pre-req: One literature crs 3 Howard, Robert 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  5/20 Constant Hall CO3Open
 EN341 A Editing QS212 Pre-req: MC/MM250 or 2 EN writing crs CROSS-LISTED w/MM341 3 Stangler, McKay 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  1/5 Pulliam Hall 200Open
 EN362 A Exploring Young Adult Literature QS212 CROSS-LISTED w/ED362 3 Prosser, Charlsie 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  4/20 Case Hall 206Open
 EN450 AW The Writer's Workshop: Multi-genre QS212 Pre-req: Any two creative writing courses or instructor permission  3 Mihalyi, Marti 5:30PM 7:45PM T  10/10 Case Hall 307Closed
 EN460 A Critical Approaches to Literature QS212 Pre-req: EN204 3 Slankard, Tamara 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  4/20 Case Hall 300Open
 GD232 A Graphic Design I QS212 CROSS-LISTED w/AS232 and MM232 3 Jarnot, Jennifer 9:30AM 10:45AM T R  3/4 Collins Library 115AOpen
 HI297 A History of Social Conflicts in Eastern Hemisphere QS212  3 Richards, John 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  23/40 Collins Library 107Open
 MM232 A Graphic Design I QS212 CROSS-LISTED w/AS232 and GD232 3 Jarnot, Jennifer 9:30AM 10:45AM T R  3/4 Collins Library 115AOpen
 MM341 AW Editing QS212 Pre-req: MM250 or 2 EN writing crs CROSS-LISTED w/EN341  3 Stangler, McKay 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  9/20 Pulliam Hall 200Open
 MU151 A Music Theory Fundamentals QS212 Co-Req: MU153 and MU157 2 Lyerla, Trilla 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  2/5 Owen Hall 121Open
 MU153 A Sight-Singing, Dictation, Aural Skills QS212 Co-Req: MU151 & MU157 1 Becker, Tom 1:30PM 2:20PM F  6/18 Owen Hall 121Open
 MU157 A Class Piano (majors) QS212 Co-req: MU151 & MU153 1 Lyerla, Trilla 1:30PM 2:20PM M W  7/12 Owen Hall 120Open
 MU223-B A Chamber Ensemble:Brass QS212 Pre-req: Instructor Consent Co-req: Large Ensemble 1 Perez, Frank TBA TBA TBA 4/5 TBAOpen
 MU223-D A Chamber Ensemble:Dixieland QS212 Pre-req: Instructor Consent Co-req: Large Ensemble 1 Perez, Frank TBA TBA TBA 6/5 TBAClosed
 MU223-P A Chamber Ensemble:Percussion QS212 Pre-req: Instructor Consent Co-req: Large ensemble 1 Riley, Steve 8:30AM 9:20AM T R  3/5 Owen Hall 108Open
 MU223-W A Chamber Ensemble:Woodwinds QS212 Pre-req: Instructor Consent Co-req: MU232 1 Parr, JD TBA TBA TBA 4/5 TBAOpen
 MU244 A Choral Conducting Techniques QS212 Pre-req: MU158 and MU164 1 Crispino, Cathy 11:30AM 12:20PM W F  6/17 Owen Hall 121Open
 MU417-2 A App Less:Voice QS212 Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level Co-req: MU234 or MU235/MU435  2 Ziegler, Marci TBA TBA TBA 1/5 TBAOpen
 MU423-B A Instrumental Chamber Ensembles:Brass QS212 Pre-req: MU223 Co-req: Large Ensemble 1 Perez, Frank TBA TBA TBA 1/4 TBAOpen
 MU423-P A Chamber Ensemble: Percussion QS212 Pre-req: MU223 Co-req: enrollment in appropriate large ensemble 1 Riley, Steve 8:30AM 9:20AM T R  3/4 Owen Hall 108Open
 MU423-SQ A Instrumental Chamber Ensemble:String Quartet QS212 Pre-req: MU223 Co-req: Large Ensemble 1 Jackson, Lisa TBA TBA TBA 4/4 TBAClosed
 TH280 A Technical Production Practicum QS212  1 Heiman, Patti TBA TBA TBA 15/20 TBAOpen
 FR360 AW Introduction to French Literature QS212,311 Pre-req: FR204 3 Joyce, Erin 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  4/20 Case Hall 108Open
 MM205 A Introduction to Broadcasting QS212,311  3 Watson, Joe 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  15/25 Pulliam Hall 200Open
 SP360 AW Introduction to Hispanic Literature QS212,311 Pre-req: SP204 3 Lisenby, David 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  7/12 Case Hall 100Open
 AH345 A The Birth of Modern Art (1789-1920) QS311 Pre-req: AH111 3 Knappe, Brett 2:00PM 3:15PM T R  7/40 Owen Hall OW-AVOpen
 BI377 A General Ecology QS311 Pre-req: BI252 Co-req: BI377 Lab 4 Kimball, Scott 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  9/32 Mulvane Science 124Open
 EC347 A International Trade QS311 Pre-req: EC242 & EC243 3 Jacobsen, Lowell 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  9/30 Constant Hall CO2Open
 ED343 AW Educational Psychology QS311 Pre-req: PY111 & ED100 & ED243 3 Foil, Jim 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  13/20 Case Hall 207Open
 ED345 A Psychology of the Exceptional Learner QS311 Pre-req: ED100 & ED243 or Dept. Chair approval 3 Wintermantel, Amy 6:00PM 9:00PM T  10/40 Case Hall 206Open
 HI333 A American Social & Intellectual History QS311  3 Ortiz, Leonard 2:00PM 3:15PM T R  20/20 Parmenter Hall 201Closed
 MM260 A Introduction to Public Relations QS311  3 Stangler, McKay 11:30AM 12:20PM M W F  32/40 New Living Center 303Open
 MM376 AW Media Theory & Methods QS311 Pre-req: Jr or Sr status 3 Watson, Joe 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  6/25 Pulliam Hall 200Open
 MM478 AW Mass Media Law QS311 Pre-req: Jr status or instructor consent 3 Watson, Joe 9:30AM 10:45AM T R  5/25 Pulliam Hall 200Open
 RE363 A Religion, Ritual & Belief QS311 Pre-req: 6 hr in SO or RE or instructor consent CROSS-LISTED as SO363  3 Buzzell, Timothy 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  1/4 Collins Library 107Open
 SO363 A Religion, Ritual & Belief QS311 Pre-req: 6 hrs in SO or RE or instructor consent CROSS-LISTED as RE3 3 Buzzell, Timothy 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  10/20 Collins Library 107Open
 SO410 A Power, Politics & Modernity QS311 CROSS-LISTED w/PS410 3 Buzzell, Timothy 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  9/20 Collins Library 107Open
 SP305 AW Spanish Composition in the Cultural Context QS311 Pre-req: SP204  3 Lisenby, David 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  6/12 Case Hall 100Open
 WL309 A The Vision QS311 Pre-req: Instructor consent 1 Appl, Cynthia TBA TBA TBA 1/2 TBAOpen
 EC111 A Economic Analysis of Social Issues SS  3 Grant, Alan 12:30PM 1:20PM M W F  22/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 300Open
 ED100 A Teaching as a Career (1st Half) SS  1 Foil, Jim 2:00PM 2:50PM T R  24/25 Mabee Memorial Hall 101Open
 ED100 B Teaching as a Career (2nd Half) SS  1 Foil, Jim 10:30AM 11:20AM M W  19/25 Case Hall 307Open
 ED243 A Introduction to Education SS Pre-reg or Co-req: ED100  2 Foil, Jim 12:30PM 1:20PM M W  24/40 Case Hall 206Open
 PS115 A Introduction to American Politics SS  3 Gibb, Ryan 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  2/40 Case Hall 300Open
 PY111 A General Psychology SS  3 Crump, Sara 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  42/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 400Closed
 PY111 B General Psychology SS  3 Long, Robyn 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  41/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 400Closed
 PY243 A Human Development SS Pre-req: PY111 3 Long, Robyn 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  30/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 400Open
 SO115 A Principles of Sociology SS  3 Bucher, Jacob 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  30/40 Case Hall 306Open
 SO274 A Methods of Social Research SS CROSS-LISTED as PS274 3 Buzzell, Timothy 12:30PM 1:45PM T R  18/24 Mulvane Science 401Open
 MM140 A Mass Media and Society SS/QS212,311  3 Stangler, McKay 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  23/40 Pulliam Hall 200Open
 EC242 A Principles of Economics:Micro SS/QS311 Pre-req: Math Proficiency, Phase I 3 Grant, Alan 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  33/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 101Open
 EC243 A Principles of Economics:Macro SS/QS311 Pre-req: EC242 3 Jacobsen, Lowell 9:30AM 10:20AM M W F  16/40 Mabee Memorial Hall 101Open
 EN100 A Basic Composition WC  3 Howard, Robert 10:30AM 11:20AM M W F  11/14 Case Hall 206Open
 EN100 B Basic Composition WC  3 Mihalyi, Marti 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  14/14 Case Hall 307Closed
 EN100 C Basic Composition WC  3 Mihalyi, Marti 2:30PM 3:20PM M W F  13/14 Case Hall 307Open
 EN100 D Basic Composition WC  3 Howard, Robert 1:30PM 2:20PM M W F  16/14 Constant Hall CO3Closed

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