Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Class Schedule for Long, Robyn
Section ID Title Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit
 SN101 G 1st Sem Salon:Feast or Famine  1 Long, Robyn 1::0P AM TBA M W  20
 PY234 A Psychopathology Pre-req: PY111 3 Long, Robyn 11:30 AM TBA M W F  40
 PY371 AW Contemporary Issues in Psychology Pre-req: PY252 with a grade of C or better 3 Long, Robyn 2::0P AM TBA T R  18
 PY111 C General Psychology  3 Long, Robyn 8::0A AM TBA M W F  21
 PY111 A General Psychology  3 Long, Robyn 9::0A AM TBA M W F  40
 PY243 A Human Development Pre-req: PY111 3 Long, Robyn 9::0A AM TBA T R  40