Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Class Schedule for Woodbridge, Cynthia
Section ID Title Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit
 CH475 A Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry Pre-req: CH252 3 Woodbridge, Cynthia 11:30 AM TBA M W F  10
 CH361L A Physical Chemistry I Lab Pre-req: CH140 & MA172 & PC126 or PC226 Co-req: CH361 Lecture 0 Woodbridge, Cynthia 12:30 PM TBA T  10
 CH361 AW Physical Chemistry I Pre-req: PC226 & CH252 Co-req: CH363 strongly encouraged 3 Woodbridge, Cynthia 12:30 PM TBA M W F  10
 CH137 A General Chemistry I Pre-req: MA145 or equivalent Co-req: CH137 Lab 4 Woodbridge, Cynthia 8::0A AM TBA M W F  36
 CH397-2 B Chemical Research Pre-req: CH252 & instructor consent 2 Woodbridge, Cynthia TBA TBA TBA 5
 CH397-3 B Chemical Research Pre-req: CH252 & instructor consent 3 Woodbridge, Cynthia TBA TBA TBA 5
 CH397-1 B Chemical Research Pre-req: CH252 & instructor consent 1 Woodbridge, Cynthia TBA TBA TBA 5
 PC361 AW Thermodynamics Pre-req: CH138 & MA172 & PC226  3 Woodbridge, Cynthia TBA TBA TBA 10