Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Class Schedule for Harris, Martha
Section ID Title Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit
 BS370 AW Ethics in Business Pre-req: BS141 & junior standing  3 Harris, Martha 10:30 AM TBA M W F  30
 SN231 A Transfer Salon II:The 1950's:The Good Old Days??  3 Harris, Martha 11:30 AM TBA M W F  20
 AC354 A Managerial Accounting II Pre-req: AC142 3 Harris, Martha 8::0A AM TBA T R  40
 EN198 HW Harlaxton - British Experience  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 6
 HI397 IW Harlaxton - British Studies - Honors  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 LA399 H Harlaxton - ST: British Pre-History  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 5
 HI397 HW Harlaxton - British Studies  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 6
 HI127 H Harlaxton - History of U.S. to 1877  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 6
 SO495 H Harlaxton - ST:Sociology of Terrorism Pre-req: 6 hrs of sociology 3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 5
 MU120 H Harlaxton - Understanding Music  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 5
 EN398 HW Harlaxton - British Studies  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 6
 HI197 HW Harlaxton - British Studies  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 10
 MA271 H Harlaxton - Calculus & Analytic Geometry III Pre-req: MA172, grade C or > Co-req: MA271 Lab 4 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 5
 PS399 H Harlaxton - Politics of the Global Economy  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 7
 SO115 H Harlaxton - Principles of Sociology  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 10
 MU109 H Harlaxton - Jazz History in America  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 5