Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Class Schedule for Harris, Martha
Section ID Title Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit
 SN231 A Transfer Salon II:Social and Politial Upheaval in History  3 Harris, Martha 2::0P AM TBA M W F  20
 CO495 H Harlaxton - ST: Introduction to Digital Photography Pre-Req: Jr or Sr standing or Instructor consent  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 2
 EN380 H Harlaxton - Shakespeare Pre-req: One literature crs 3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 HI397 HW Harlaxton - British Experience  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 3
 HI399 H Harlaxton - The Second World War  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 2
 EN198 HW Harlaxton - British Experience  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 4
 HI197 HW Harlaxton - British Experiece  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 5
 PY111 H Harlaxton - General Psychology  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 PY199 H Harlaxton - Child and Adolescent Psychology  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 AC499 A IS:Managerial Accounting Issues in Professional Athletics  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 2
 EN398 HW Harlaxton - British Experience  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 2
 BI495 H Harlaxton - ST: English Gardens  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 CI360-12 A Career Involvement  12 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 BI120 H Harlaxton - Human Ecology  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 3
 HI399 I Harlaxton - IS: Medieval History  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 2
 MU234 H University Singers-Harlaxton  1 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 BS390 D Business Internship Pre-req: Requires Director of Career Services approval 3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 EN399 H Harlaxton - The English Novel  3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 2
 AC390 A Accounting Internship Pre-req: AC141 and Requires Director of Career Services approval 3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1
 EN495 H Harlaxton - ST: Modern Ireland in Literature Pre-req: Two creative writing crs Soph standing or instructor consen 3 Harris, Martha TBA TBA TBA 1