Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Class Schedule for Hays, Eric
Section ID Title Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit
 MA332 A Geometry for Teachers Pre-req: MA171 & MA172 & MA291, or instructor consent 3 Hays, Eric 1::0P AM TBA M W F  40
 SN102 G 2nd Sem Salon: Food and Well-Being in America  1 Hays, Eric 10:30 AM TBA M W  20
 SN210 B Academic Support Seminar Pre-req: Assistant Dean approval 1 Hays, Eric 11:00 AM TBA T  20
 QS211 C Scientific Inquiry: History of Science Pre-req: QS112 or SN231 Co-req: Appropriate Linked Course 3 Hays, Eric 9::0A AM TBA M W F  20