Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Class Schedule for Lyerla, Trilla
Section ID Title Pre-Reqs Credits Inst Starts Ends Days Enrollment Limit
 MU164 A 18th Century Functional Harmony Pre-req: MU151 & MU153 Co-req: MU158 3 Lyerla, Trilla 1::0P AM TBA M W F  16
 MU320 AW World Music  3 Lyerla, Trilla 7::0A AM TBA M W F  30
 MU258 A Class Piano (majors) Pre-req: MU257 1 Lyerla, Trilla 9::0A AM TBA M W  12
 MU215-2 A App Less:Piano  2 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 15
 MU215-1 A App Less:Piano  1 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 15
 MU415-2 A App Less:Piano Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level 2 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 10
 MU215-M A App Less:Piano (Majors)  1 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 15
 MU480 A Partial Senior Recital Pre-req: Achievement Level III pass by jury Co-req: Appropriate Applied Lessons 1 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 1
 MU415-M A App Less:Piano (Majors) Pre-req: Previous Study at 200-level 1 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 10
 MU415-1 A App Less:Piano Pre-req: Previous study at 200-level 1 Lyerla, Trilla TBA TBA TBA 10