Find the Baker Wetlands

Use the zoom feature to locate the Wetlands. The teardrop marker indicates the Discovery Center.

In the past you could enter the Wetlands at three locations. Access through what is referred to as the east gate will be intermittent during construction.

Location of that gate is at the intersection of E. 1500 Road (Haskell Avenue) and N. 1250 Road (GPS N 38˚ 55' 14.9" W 95˚ 13' 25.7").

The parking lot at the Discovery Center is available to a limited number of cars through construction. Southern Star will also use this parking lot as its office headquarters with temporary trailers. N. 1250 Road will also undergo its own revisions, but we hope to have visitor access throughout this construction process.

The location of this parking is at 1365 N. 1250 Road (GPS N 38˚ 55' 15.3" W 95˚ 14' 47.0").

Aerial View of the Wetlands

This map illustrates the original 573 acres referred to as the Baker Wetlands. Location names are those chosen by Baker students over the years as they have been extensively used for research, study, reflection and enlightenment. 

Baker Wetlands & K-10 Completion Project

Illustrating various parcels to be restored to native habitat

The map below is an attempt to show the extent of the new wetlands. It runs from Michigan Street (realigned Louisiana Street) on the west over to O'Connell Road on the east. This is a total of 2.5 miles. The wetlands will encompass approximately 927 acres. As Google Maps is updated we will also update our maps.

Wetlands Map 2014