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  • Roger Boyd
  • Director of Natural Areas and Emeritus Professor of Biology
  • 785.424.0595
  • 1365 N. 1250 Road
  • Lawrence, KS 66046
  • Jonathan J. Boyd
  • Refuge Manager of the Baker Wetlands Complex
  • 785.979.6761



Find the Baker Wetlands

Use the zoom feature to locate the Wetlands. The teardrop marker indicates the site of the future visitor center.

You can enter the Wetlands from three locations:

  • On the south side of 31st Street, half a mile west of Haskell Avenue or east of Louisiana Street (GPS N 38˚ 55’ 38.7” W 95˚ 13’ 58.3”)
  • At the intersection of E. 1500 Road (Haskell Avenue) and N 1250 Road (GPS N 38˚ 55’ 14.9” W 95˚ 13’ 25.7”)
  • At 1365 N. 1250 Road (GPS N 38˚ 55’ 15.3” W 95˚ 14’ 47.0”)

A small parking area can be found at each location.

This aerial photograph shows the major roads in the area. The red arrows indicate the three main access points.


The area labeled mitigation areas depicts Phase 1 of the South Lawrence Trafficway mitigation plan. Learn more about long-range plans for the Wetlands and immediate mitigation plans.

Aerial View of the Wetlands

This map illustrates the original 573 acres referred to as the Baker Wetlands. Location names are those chosen by Baker students over the years as they have been extensively used for research, study, reflection and enlightenment. As the area is expanded by restoration work to the west and future work to the east, a new map will be developed.