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Emergent vegetation in Night-Heron Shallows DiscoveryCenter

Wetlands Scenery


Discovery Center Construction

Long-bracted Spiderwort - Tradescantia bracteata Great Egret

Upland Wildflowers & Weeds


Wetland Birds

American Lotus 1 - Nelumbo lutea 12 Spot A

Wetland Plants


Wetland Invertebrates

Opossum Bullfrog

Wetland Animals


Wetland Herps & Fish

Prescribed burn Composite of collected seeds

Wetlands Management


Seed Collection

Water control structure Earthmovers, April 2009

Water Control Structure


Wetlands Restoration Project 2008-2012

Framing the pavilion SLT Construction

Miscellaneous Projects

 SLT Construction & Wetland Restoration
Original Boardwalk