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Baker University’s history and culture place a strong emphasis on a system of shared governance. The faculty primarily governs academic and curricular matters, while administrative staff oversees the other functions of the University.

The University is ultimately governed by an independent Board of Trustees that exerts final authority over planning and budgeting, promotion and tenure, changes to the University constitution and faculty handbooks, and the selection and evaluation of the University president.

Executive Leadership

The president’s primary consulting group, the Executive Cabinet includes officers who report directly to the president. The Executive Cabinet serves as a budget and planning committee, engages in critical policy decisions, and provides advice and counsel to the president and to its individual members. Meetings are held two or three times a month.

Administrative Leadership

The Administrative Cabinet consists of Executive Cabinet members plus members who report directly to them. It is a body of approximately 45 individuals carrying the title of director and higher. The Administrative Cabinet provides additional input to the president on matters initially discussed at Executive Cabinet, such as budgeting and strategic planning. The group was expanded to more than 40 members in the fall of 2010 with the goal of improving communication and awareness throughout the institution. Meetings are held monthly.

University Cabinet

The University Cabinet was launched in 2008. Its open membership includes faculty, staff, students and interested community members who wish to participate. This group is made up of approximately 75 members and serves to provide a broader perspective in reacting to drafts of initiatives and policies. University Cabinet typically meets once a semester.

Academic Leadership

Baker University is composed of four academic units administered by four deans. The deans of the individual academic units operate as equal partners in matters that concern the University. Learn more about academic leadership.