Graduate School of Education

I. Institutional and Financial Assistance Information for Students

  1. Financial assistance information
  2. Student rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient: pdfCourse catalog, pages 62-64
  3. Cost of attendance:
    1. pdfCourse catalog, pages 55-58
    2. Tuition and fees
  4. Procedures for withdrawing from Baker University, refund policy, return of Title IV funds: pdfCourse catalog, pages 61-64
  5. Academic program information and accreditation details:
    1. Academics
    2. pdfCourse catalog, numerous pages, accreditation specifics on page 8
    3. Accreditation
  6. Services for students with disabilities
  7. Policies related to copyright infringement, plagiarism, and unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing: pdfCourse catalog, pages 40-41
  8. Transfer credit policies and articulation agreements
  9. Student body diversity: University Fact Book
  10. ISBN and price for all required or recommended textbooks
  11. NCATE/PEDS report
  12. Voter registration information

II. Drug & Alcohol Prevention

pdfCourse catalog, page 51

III. Student Right-to-Know Act

Completion and graduation rates of degree-seeking, first-time, full-time undergraduate students, and employment or graduate school placement rates of graduates:

  1. Fact Book
  2. Graduate survey facts

IV. Clery/Campus Security Act and Fire Safety Reports on Student Housing

Campus security information

V. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

FERPA statement

VI. Safeguarding Customer Information