Past Alumni Award Recipients

The following alumni awards are presented during Alumni Weekend:

Family of the Year

The Baker Family of the Year must have a strong tradition of family members who have attended the University and were actively involved during their college days. They demonstrate their Baker pride by continuing to support the University financially and through attendance at Baker events. They encourage future Baker students by recommending their alma mater to prospective students.

2016 Hawk
2015 Ewbank/Schrader/Stack
2014 Breithaupt
2013 Hey/Arnold/Heffner/Meador/Portlock
2012 Reid/Peppard/Powell/Stafford/Winter
2011 Irby/Braun/Hulla
2010 Randall/Maxwell/Haley/Webb
2009 Gessner/Cowherd/Polen
2008 Rose/Sievers/Seager
2006 Driver
2005 Mendoza
2004 Wever/Simmons/Schneeberger
2002 O’Bryhim
2001 Soulen/Nevins
2000 Faulkner/O'Byrne/Kirker/McKinnis/Smith/Hartley/
1999 Doty/Ferrell 1998 Bowerman
1997 Mai 1996 Broadfoot
1995 Buck/Powers/Osborn/Steele
1994 Callahan/Russell
1993 Iwig/O’Neal/Pearson
1992 Parkin
1991 Rutherford
1989 Collingwood/Barnhardt
1988 Lidikay
1987 Paul R. Dick
1986 Platts
1985 Stotts
1984 Barnhouse/Deel
1983 Hawk/Meredith
1982 Rolla Miller
1980 McGlumphy/Horn
1978 Scudder/Wilson/Welty
1977 Martin
1976 Merry
1975 Leitnaker
1974 Chubb
1973 Haskin
1972 Laury

Alumni Citation

Alumni Citation recipients have excelled in their professional or personal endeavors since their graduation from Baker University. They are leaders in their specialties and provide an example for current and future alumni to follow. Their Baker pride is demonstrated by continuing to support the University financially and through attendance at Baker events.

2016 Megan (Mueller) Barry, ’86; Dick Stephens, ’90; Gloria Atanmo, ’13
2015 W. Mike Farmer, '69
2014 Gordon Schrader, '61
2013 Mark Kabban, '08
2012 Captain Wes Wilson, '03
2011 Andrew, ’70, and Peggy Cherng, ’68
2010 Charles Agro, '79
2009 Bary Marquardt, '66
2008 John Thomson '95
2007 Mel Hawk, ’58; Alice Hawk, ’61; Mary Kay Brooks, '69; John Bennett, '69
2002 Dr. Steve W. Crouch, '73
2001 Bill Gordon,'60
2000 Laura Allen Fukada, ’54; Bruce Courtney, '82
1999 Sheri Rolf, '69; Tammy Spiva Hawks, '72; Steve Ferrell, '74
1996 Bruce Beale, '71
1995 Vincent Lau, '65
1990 Raymond Goldsich, '72; James Coldsmith, '50

Grace Irwin Award

This award is reserved for a member of the staff whose support and dedication is of exceptional value with the campus environment. Grace Irwin was a longtime professor and dean of women.

2014 Darlene Taylor
2013 Connie Deel, '79
2012 Myra Glover
2011 David McCrary
2010 Jeanne Mott
2009 Ruth Sarna
2008 Jerry Weakley, ’70, '92
2007 Norma Sconce,'53
2002 Phyllis Nelson
2001 Edrie Swanson
1999 Darrell Bowersox
1998 Maxine Kreutziger
1997 Kathy Thomas
1996 Sylvia Ellis
1995 David Routh
1994 Mavis Routh
1993 Jan Boyd, '69
1992 Kay Bradt
1991 Charlotte Chambers
1990 Janice Craig

Honorary Alumni

This award recognizes those who, through their tireless efforts in a broad range of endeavors, contribute to the success of the University.

2016 Wayne Osness, The Rev. Dr. Nanette Roberts
2015 Charles Duboc, Shanti and Sue Gandhi, Charles Kopke, Charlotte Parker
2014 Chuck Heath, Ruth Sarna
2013 Dave Hill
2012 Bob Honse
2011 Dale Hawks
2010 Barbara Chance Schrader
2009 Lee Hedrick
2008 Dr. Jesse Milan
2007 Jan Shore
2002 Jan Schroeder
1999 Susan Perry
1997 Mahala Rabe
1996 Robert and Ethel Rogers, Lowell Payson
1995 Margie Pearson
1994 Jack Rynerson, Tom Russell
1993 Betty Barker Bashaw Smith, Dr. O. Dale Smith
1992 Mr. and Mrs. Hamil
1991 Freda Metzger
1990 Carolyn Lambert

Alumnus of the Year

2010 Reverend Franklin Greene, '42

Special Recognition

2013 Dr. Jared Grantham, ’58, Outstanding Science Achievement

Alumni Association Advisory Council Scholarships


Adam Alfaro, CAS; Alisa Becker, CAS; Parks Boeschen, CAS; Keishly Franco, SON; Lindsey Herndon, SPGS; Kathryn Hibbeler, CAS; Alexia Nyoni, CAS; Brandi Priest, SON; Yasmari Rodriguez, SPGS; Julia Southern, CAS; Marvin Walker, SPGS


Ryan Akin, CAS; Kacee Britton, CAS; Kristen Finger, CAS; Lenard Franklin, SPGS; Brittany Friedel, CAS; Jarrod Guth, CAS; Michelle Marchbanks, SPGS; Andrew Meinking, CAS; Jordan Miller, CAS; Taylor Weishaar, SON; Erika Young, SON 


Sean Webb, CAS; Erin Magnuson, SPGS Wichita; Thomas Stipp, SON; Dustin Tuner, CAS


Morgan Brown, CAS; Danielle Griggs, CAS; Brittany Friedel, CAS; Kacee Britton, CAS; Johanna Almquist, SON; Zena Taylor, SPGS


Zena Taylor, SPGS; Ashley Werner, CAS; Nancy Delgado, CAS; Katerra Shackelford, CAS


Drew Clement, CAS; Leah Dormal, CAS; Sydney Doster, CAS


Trevor Hedberg, CAS; Justine Greve, CAS; Ashley Fischer, CAS; Darcey Nance, CAS; Tracey O’Leary, SPGS


Tricia Shelton, CAS; Justine Greve, CAS; Ashley Fischer, CAS; Jessica Pool, SPGS; Sierra Slavin, SPGS


Shaun Hughes, CAS; Theresa Oliver, CAS; Sarah Bagwell, SON; Lauren Crump, SON; LaTonya Brown, SPGS; Renita Clark, SPGS; Kimberly Patton, SPGS; John Weger, SPGS