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Real-world approach to teaching.


Central to the liberal arts education, the study of language provides greater insight into your own language, exposes you to another, diverse culture, and expands your exploration of the human experience.

Through courses in the German language, literature, history, culture, and civilization students are introduced to the language, German-speaking societies, and multiple facets of the German world.


German students are required to study abroad, to fully immerse themselves into their language studies. Baker makes studying abroad easy, allowing most Baker financial awards and scholarships to be applied directly to study abroad for one full semester.

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Exceptional Experience


Practice Makes Perfect

Recognizing that practice is essential in acquiring fluency in a world language, students at all levels are invited to gather at Stammtisch in the university dining hall every week to eat and speak German. For those without meal plans, lunch is provided by the Department of Humanities.

Celebrate Schoolwide

Each November, the Department of Humanities and Office for International and Heritage Students hold a series of events to celebrate international diversity. Campuswide, the week features international cuisine served in the dining hall and events focused on the cultures of our international students.


Our german majors have gone on to the following careers:

  • Diplomat
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • English Exchange Professor
  • Translator
  • Interpretor
  • Writer
  • Journalist
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The Department of Humanities gives these awards with financial prizes to be applied to the following year’s tuition:

  • Mildred Hunt Riddle Departmental Recognition Scholarship for Humanities
  • Dr. Irene Murphy Memorial Scholarship
  • Etta and Orin Murphy Scholarship Kahle Endowed Scholarship
  • Kahle Endowed Scholarship
  • The Moorman Prize for Prose Writing
  • The Moorman Prize for Poetry Writing
  • Jefferson-Greiner Scholarship
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German Course Descriptions

Meet the Faculty

Cynthia Appl

Dr. Cynthia Appl

Professor of German, Chair of the Department of the Humanities

B.A., M.A. University of Kansas; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Expertise: German literature of the 18th and 20th century, second-language pedagogy

Office: Case Hall 105E

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