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Graduate Business Certificate in Finance

This graduate business certificate increases marketability, strengthens knowledge in an area vital to business and leadership, and enhances earning potential.

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Matthew R. Bice, PhD

Dean, School of Professional & Graduate Studies



The certificate enhances financial decision-making skills and the ability to solve strategic and financial challenges.

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Students will examine corporate finance, investment decision-making, the role of financial institutions, and complexities of international financial markets through practical application.
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FIN 510 Investments & Portfolio Management

In this course, students will investigate the complexities of investments, portfolio management, and security analysis. Students will manage an investment portfolio, distinguishing risk and return diversification and the impact of economic and market variables. Students will also examine how the stock market behaves during a financial crisis and build strategies for managing investments during crises.

FIN 520 Advanced International Finance

In this course, students examine the financial complexities of operating a multinational firm.  The unique risks and opportunities presented in the international financial environment are analyzed, and the use of global markets as sources of financing are evaluated.  Current issues in international finance are debated, as well as alternative solutions to address the strategic and financial challenges faced by multinational firms.

FIN 540 Strategic Corporate Finance

In this advanced course, students examine the financial operations of a business, with an emphasis on capital budgeting and cash flow. Students will also explore trend analysis and the ethical management of financial documents.

FIN 550 Integrated Financial Planning

In this course, students create a financial plan that manages the entire spectrum of personal finance, from credit and insurance needs to estate and retirement planning. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of government requirements related to estate planning issues and assess the tax advantages that select investments possess.

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