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Graduate Business Certificate in Leadership & Organizational Change

This graduate business certificate increases marketability, strengthens knowledge in an area vital to business and leadership, and enhances earning potential.

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Matthew R. Bice, PhD

Dean, School of Professional & Graduate Studies

Leadership & Organizational Change


The certificate focuses on the development of organizational leadership skills that employers often expect from upper-level managers.

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Students will develop an appreciation for social responsibility within nonprofit and corporate environments, group problem-solving strategies, ethical business practices, and the importance of organizational diversity. (Not open to Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership students.)
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Choose 12 hours from the following:

MAOL 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
In this course, student-leaders will focus on how managers become effective leaders by addressing the human side of business. Student-leaders will integrate effective communication skills through study of conflict resolution and negotiation, coaching and mentoring techniques, and evaluation of individuals, teams, and overall organizational performance levels. (3 credits)

MAOL 530 Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability
This course is designed for awareness of social, cultural, economic, political, and financial implications and vulnerabilities. Personal values, legal requirements, and ethical standards will be explored in relation to balancing equity for shareholders, customers, and internal and external audiences. Topics will include labor laws, outsourcing, fiscal management, and transparency. (3 credits)

MAOL 580 Sustainability for Future Success
This course will look at growth and sustainability strategies with a focus on current models, frameworks, and measurement systems for long-range business success. Students will develop and determine sustainable business plans for current companies by looking at industry trends, consumer research, financial success, and community responsibility. Creative and innovative approaches to business sustainability will be reviewed and applied. (3 credits)

MAOL 585 Winds of Change
This course is designed to ascertain the impact of internal and external environmental issues (e.g., social, cultural, economic, ethical, legal, political, and financial) on opportunities and risks in global marketplace. After in-depth analysis, student-leaders will determine which dynamics provide a competitive advantage. (3 credits)

MAOL 590 Strategic Leadership: Vision to Implementation
In this course, student-leaders will explore how successful leaders develop a vision for the future, align the organization behind that vision, and motivate people to achieve the vision. The design of effective organizations is dependent upon managing change to achieve superior performance. Students will develop plans for creating and sustaining a climate for corporate growth that adapts through strategic agility and resilience. (3 credits)

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