Easy Steps for Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Your apartment is your home away from home. To keep it homey, make sure it's clean and report maintenance needs or concerns.

  • Clean counters daily. Use products such as Comet, Clorox Bleach Wipes and antibacterial sprays and soaps.
  • Clean the microwave regularly. Wash the inside with a damp cloth.
  • Once you are done with a dish or a bowl, rinse it.
  • Go through the refrigerator monthly and throw out expired items. This will keep your refrigerator smelling like new.
  • Put an open box of baking soda in the back of the refrigerator to absorb odors. Be sure to change it out once in a while. Pour the contents of the old box into both sinks and run water to keep the drains fresh.
  • Go to bed with an empty sink; it will make life a lot easier. Really.
  • What you clean today, you do not have to clean tomorrow. What you do not clean today, you will have to clean tomorrow plus more, and it will most likely be more difficult. Stay on top of it.