Loft Construction Policy

Loft construction in a student room must comply with the following procedures:

  • All loft construction will be inspected by the residence hall staff. If the loft does not meet the minimum standards, the resident will have seven days to bring the loft into compliance. If the loft does not meet requirements the second time, the loft must be removed within seven days.
  • All materials used in the loft construction must be dismantled and removed from the room and the building at such time that the occupants vacate the room or prior to the first date of 24-hour quiet hours in the semester. All original furnishings must be restored to the original condition and position.
  • A single loft should not exceed 44 inches in width, and the top of the mattress should be a mithumb_loft_constructionnimum 32 inches from the ceiling (floor-to-ceiling height is 9 feet). The mattresses provided are 36 inches wide and 6 inches thick (length varies).
  • University-provided bed springs may be incorporated in the loft construction but may not be disassembled or altered in any manner. The provided bed springs are 76 to 81 inches at the corners, and most are 36 inches wide.
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Note: Lofts are not allowed in the Horn and Markham Apartments. Lofts are provided in the New Living Center.

Standard Loft Type

The platform construction design is considered standard and the only type acceptable, provided it is constructed in accordance with the guidelines.

All original bed parts must stay in the room. Bed parts missing at final inspection will result in a fine and replacement cost charged to the students.

Building Codes

Baker’s loft construction policy complies with all Kansas Basis Building Codes, the Life Safety Code, and local fire department regulations.


The following penalties will be imposed for unauthorized student room loft construction:

  • A fine of $50 will be assessed to the residents of a room in which unauthorized loft construction occurs. Such construction must be completely and immediately removed from the room.
  • A student whose loft construction, upon inspection, is found in noncompliance with these guidelines is subject to a fine and/or immediate removal of the construction from the room.
  • No additions or alterations to the loft construction are permitted after the final inspection.
  • Repair costs for damages to walls, ceiling, carpets or furnishings or replacements cost of furniture resulting from loft construction will be billed to the room residents.
  • Each student who fails to remove a loft when instructed to do so or when vacating a room during the year or who leaves loft construction in a room after the designated date for removal at the end of a semester will be billed $50.
  • The University reserves the right to remove from a student room, at any time, loft construction deemed unsafe or construction that has not been authorized or to remove construction in order to perform emergency maintenance. The student will be charged for removal costs.