Community Engagement Record

The Community Engagement Record helps you track your achievements in service. Refer to your community engagement record when you complete scholarship applications, resumes, job applications, graduate school applications and more.

How to Build a Community Engagement Record

  1. pdfDownload a form or stop by the Office of Student Life.
  2. Complete a form for each community service or service-learning project in which you participate. Have your supervisor, instructor or project leader sign the form.
  3. Hand in the signed forms to the Office of Student Life.
  4. Ask the Office of Student Life for your up-to-date Community Engagement Record.

What Is Community Service?

Not all student activities constitute community service. If you have questions about whether an activity is counted as community service, please stop by and ask. 

Examples of Community Service Activities

  • Organizing or staffing a blood drive
  • Participating in Relay for Life
  • Volunteering at the Big Event
  • Volunteering with elderly, visiting a nursing home
  • Adopt-a-Highway clean-ups
  • Baker Wildcat Welcome Service Project

Activities Not Included

  • Serving as a paid tutor or performing a paid internship
  • Donating to a charity or fundraiser
  • Organizing or staffing SAC events
  • Fund-raising for your student group or sport team
  • Serving as an orientation leader