Advanced Placement Equivalences

Baker offers students who score a 3 or higher the opportunity to transcript college credit at the rate of $35 per credit hour upon enrollment. If an AP exam satisfies a Quest proficiency requirement, this is indicated in the  summary below. If an exam score of 3 or above does not fulfill a specific Quest proficiency requirement, it can be applied toward the 128 credit hours needed to graduate and may also satisfy a requirement in a major area of study.

AP Exam


Baker Equivalents


Major Credit

Art History

3AH 111NoYes—Art


3AS 198NoYes—Art

Art Studio Drawing

3AS 198NoYes—Art

Art Studio 2-D Design

3AS 199NoYes—Art

Art Studio 3-D Design

3AS 199NoYes—Art


4BI 196NoYes—Biology

Calculus AB

4MA 171Yes—B.S. Math ReqmntYes—Math

Calculus BC

4MA 172Yes—B.S. Math ReqmntYes—Math


4CH 137NoYes—Chem

Chinese Lang & Cult

3WL 196Yes—B.A. FL ReqmntNo

Comp Sci A

4CS 175NoYes—CS

Comp Sci AB

8CS 175 & CS 185NoYes—CS

Econ Micro

3EC 242NoYes—Bus, Acct, IB, Econ

Econ Macro

3EC 243NoYes—Bus, Acct, IB, Econ

Eng Lang/Comp

3EN 196Yes—Written CommNo

Eng Lit/Comp

3EN 120NoYes—English

Env Science

3BI 120NoNo

European History

3HI 197NoYes—History

French Lang

3FR 396Yes—B.A. FL ReqmntYes—French

French Lit

3FR 360Yes—B.A. FL ReqmntYes—French

German Lang

3GN 396Yes—B.A. FL ReqmntYes—German

Govt & Pol U.S.

3PS 115NoNo

Govt & Pol Comp

3PS 199NoNo

Human Geography

3SS 199NoNo

Italian Lang & Cult

3WL 196Yes—B.A. FL ReqmntNo

Japanese Lang & Cult

3WL 196Yes—B.A. FL ReqmntNo


3LN 196NoNo

Latin Lit

3LN 396NoNo

Music Theory

2MU 151NoYes—Music

Physics B

4PC 125NoNo

Physics C Mech

4PC 225NoYes—Physics

Physics C Elect & Magnet

4PC 226NoYes—Physics


3PY 111NoYes—Psych

Spanish Lang

3SP 396Yes—B.A. FL ReqmntYes—Spanish

Spanish Lit

3SP 360Yes—B.A. FL & Lit ReqmntYes—Spanish


3MA 221Yes—Math ProficiencyNo

U.S. History

6HI 127 & HI 128NoYes—History

World History

6HI 197NoYes—History


Acct = Accounting
Bus = Business
CS = Computer Science
Econ = Economics

IB = International Business
Lit = Literature
Psych = Psychology