Application Process

To be considered for federal aid, including loan and work eligibility, we must receive the results of the FAFSA submitted for the year before the academic year you are applying for. The aid sources and amounts could also change as new information becomes available; for example additional awards received, including outside scholarships. Follow these steps to apply for scholarships, grants and loans at Baker:

Students whose file is completed after May 1 may have access to fewer aid sources.

Baker University's policy is to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible. Early action on the student's part is very important. It is strongly recommended that the student complete the Application for Admission and Scholarships and Financial Aid by March 15  to be granted priority consideration for funds. The FAFSA must be submitted annually by March 15 to receive consideration for all funds. Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted. Not all categories of aid will be available for spring semester incoming applicants.