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Leaders for Environmental Awareness & Protection

Who We Are

We are an environmental club run by students who wish to create a greener impact on campus.

Why This Organization Exists

This environmental organization encourages individuals to think about how we as a society affect nature and how we ought to protect it.

When We Meet

We meet on the second Thursday of the month and occasional fourth Thursday. Email and posts are huge component to staying up to date on meeting times. BakerU LEAP

Events We Do

Hiking, recycling, clean-ups, arts and crafts, hammock groups, and more!

Need to Contact Us?

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Scott Kimball |


Cordy Wesonig | | 913.634.1023

Check out our facebook page!


Andrea Howell
Department Assistant
Biology & Chemistry
Math, Physics, & Computer Science
Office: Boyd Science Center 327

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