2012-2013 Education Costs for the Baldwin City Campus

College of Arts & Sciences | Undergraduate School of Education

Full-time undergraduates (12-18 hours)$24,470$12,235
Part-time undergraduates (1-11 hours)$740 per c/h
Overload (over 18 hours)$415 per c/h
Summer school$415 per c/h
Interterm session only$415 per c/h
Summer internship - first 3 hours$200 per c/h
Summer internship - over 3 hours$415 per c/h
High school tuition$100 per c/h
High school concurrent credit$100 per c/h

Irwin/Gessner double occupancy$3,560$1,780
Irwin/Gessner single occupancy$5,030$2,515
New Living Center double$4,560$2,280
New Living Center single$5,310$2,655
Apartments - summer$175 per week

 Meal Plans
14-meal flex plan (14 meals per week plus $150 per semester on declining-balance card)$4,100$2,050
10-meal flex plan (10 meals per week plus $125 per semester on declining-balance card)$3,900$1,950
10-meal plan (10 meals per week)$3,700$1,850
Commuter plan (75 meals on a renewable card available to off-campus students only)$600

New Students
Confirmation deposit (collected from all new students)$100
Matriculation fee (collected first semester of enrollment)$80

Other Fees
Graduation fee charged when senior status attained$75
Music private lesson fee - NONREFUNDABLE$200/semester (half-hour lessons)
Advanced placement fee$35
Returned-check charge$25
Student ID card - replacement fee$15 each
Student-teaching fee$15 per c/h
Transcript request$10 each
Instructional Fees - NONREFUNDABLETBD/course 
Interest charged on late payments1% per month