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Street Addresses for Buildings on Campus

Alumni Center 519 8th Street
Bennett Art Building 406 6th Street
Case Hall 604 8th Street
Clarice Osborne Chapel 515 6th Street
Collins House 505 8th Street
Collins Library 518 8th Street
Collins Sport Center 524 6th Street
Constant Hall 618 8th Street
Denious Hall 718 Dearborn
Gessner Residence Hall 518 Dearborn
Harter Union 615 Dearborn
Hey House 237 Fremont
Horn Apartments 301 6th Street
Irwin Residence Hall 810 Dearborn
Jolliffe Hall 604 Dearborn
Liston Stadium complex 725 1st Street &  600 2nd Street
Mabee Memorial Hall 605 6th Street
Maintenance Shop 704 7th Street
Markham Apartments 305 6th Street
Ivan L. Boyd Center for Collaborative Science 413 6th Street
North Soccer Field 701 N Eisenhower
Old Castle Museum 511 5th Street
Owens Musical Arts Building 408 8th Street
Parmenter Hall 706 Dearborn
Physical Plant 702 7th Street
Practice Field 725 2nd Street
Pullium Hall 704 Dearborn Street
Parking lot behind Pulliam 305 7th Street
Rice Auditorium 404 8th Street
Student Health Center 519 Grove
Tennis courts 702 6th Street
New Living Center Residence Hall 614 Dearborn