• Baker University is committed to assuring student learning, and developing confident, competent and responsible contributors to society.

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Logo Usage

Download a logo by clicking one of the links below.

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Typography | Print

Baker publications use the following fonts:

  • Verlag Regular
  • Mrs. Eaves Roman

Color Palette


  • Primary color: PMS 158 (Web #f4761d)
  • Secondary color: PMS 282 (Web #1e2d50).
  • Accent colors, which should be used sparingly:
    • PMS 536 (Web #adadb2),
    • PMS 618 (Web #c0a228)
    • PMS 7408 (Web #feb21e)
    • PMS warm gray 9 (Web #988067) is used for large bodies of copy.

Iconic Imagery

Click on image to download.


BrandingImages1238 BrandingImages1235 BrandingImages1255 BrandingImages1257 Campus-Photos1838---cropped
CampusPhotos4935 CampusPhotos4941 CampusPhotos4969 MulvaneStone_2011_PMH15 Campus-Photos0419
Branding_Images7412 Campus-Photos1814 Campus-Photos1901    


You may download photos from Flickr. Theatre | Art | Music

Baker Web Address

The Baker Web address is www.bakerU.edu. Please note that only the U is capitalized.

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