Copyright Policy Overview

The rapid pace of development in instructional technologies and increased access to information has spawned laws and regulations designed to protect intellectual property. In an effort to provide both understanding and guidance for students, faculty and staff Baker University developed the following policies:

The Intellectual Property Policy governs the ownership of intellectual property created by students, faculty and staff as they pursue their work and scholarship at the University. It is designed to encourage scholarly and creative endeavor while recognizing the University’s interest in work done at its behest. It also sets forth a mechanism for resolving conflicts that may arise.

The Responsible Use Policy governs the use of University owned and operated technology. This policy includes guidance on the appropriate and legal use of this technology, but encourages safe computing practices to safeguard privacy and confidentiality.

The Use of Copyrighted Materials Policy provides a broad picture of the nature of copyright, guidance in considering the issues, and institutional resources available for use by students, faculty, and staff in this volatile area. Supporting materials provided as an appendix and frequent educational programs on this topic are necessary to keep up with the particularly rapid change in this area.