Art History

Baldwin City Campus

As an art history major at Baker, you will not only study the evolving history of expression and technique in the art world, you also will learn about the culture, politics, history, religion, philosophy and economics of each historical period.

Develop a Perceptive Eye

The art history courses that comprise most of your degree program will teach you about individual periods and trends in art, but more important, these courses will teach you to analyze art and develop a perceptive eye for aesthetic form, technique, narrative and expression.

Prepare for a Variety of Careers or Graduate Study

Once you have completed your degree in art history, you can go on to one of numerous possible professional or academic pursuits with a general knowledge of how art has influenced and reflected human history and also with the confidence to assess visual works technically and analytically in terms of both form and content.

Major & Minor

The Department of Mass Media and Visual Arts offers a major and minor in art history.

Courses required for these programs are listed in the current catalog.