Baldwin City Campus

A Whole New World

Through courses in the French language, literature, history, culture and civilization, French students are introduced to the French language, French-speaking societies and multiple facets of the francophone world. Central to the liberal arts education, the study of language provides greater insight into your own language, exposes you to another, diverse culture and expands your exploration of the human experience.

As you acquire a mastery of the written and spoken French language, you will be immersed in courses and other activities that give you the opportunity to practice your language skills. An invaluable experience to any language student, French students are required to spend part of an academic year or summer studying or working in a French-speaking nation.

Major or Minor in French

A major or minor in French can be a valuable companion to many other fields, including the sciences, social sciences, education, music, the arts and business. Whether your goals are to teach, to continue your studies, to pursue a career in an international setting or simply to gain a linguistic and cultural understanding, your experiences in and out of the classroom will give you the confidence and competence to succeed in future pursuits.