International Studies

Baldwin City Campus

As international interaction becomes more prevalent and increasingly more possible with advances in communication and technology, the understanding of international affairs, cultures and relationships are a vital part of any modern education. The major in international studies draws from many disciplines on campus to create a major that caters to your international interests and objectives.

Students are encouraged to focus outward and explore other cultures and issues of globalization, develop a well-rounded worldview and develop academically in ways that inform you and affect your everyday life as a citizen of the world. The requirement to study abroad allows you to learn about a new culture and experience the intermingling of people from different cultures so prevalent in modern business, politics and almost any industry.

Through linguistic, cultural and historical studies, you will leave Baker with an enhanced ability to communicate internationally and a heightened awareness of international issues. You will design a degree focusing on international topics of your choice, providing you the confidence to explore and contribute to a world far beyond what you’ve known before.