Love of Wisdom

The word philosophy means the love of wisdom. Philosophy courses at Baker encourage students to seek wisdom by helping them to think carefully and critically about fundamental issues. Through the study of the writings of major philosophers, students learn to understand, analyze and evaluate competing claims about the answers to our most basic questions: How should I live my life? What should my values be? What are my duties and obligations as a rational being? How can I decide when a claim is reasonable to believe?

Major or Minor in Philosophy

Students may choose a major or minor in philosophy or a joint major in philosophy and religion.

  • Grasp and analyze theories, values and beliefs.
  • Express ideas, beliefs and opinions through clear and persuasive prose.

Small class sizes and a 12-to-1 student-to-professor ratio mean you receive personal attention from professors and can get to know your peers. At Baker, we encourage an open academic dialogue, which is key in an field like philosophy.

Prepare for a Variety of Careers or Graduate School

Philosophy makes an excellent companion to any major. Philosophy students develop critical thinking and communication skills that are useful in any career. Those skills, coupled with the understanding of societal values, will make you highly sought by today's employers.

Research has shown that the study of philosophy is excellent training for graduate and professional schools. Philosophy students are among the highest scorers on the LSAT, meaning the critical thinking you gain in your studies of philosophy can help you get into graduate or law school and succeed once you’re there.

No matter what your goals are, Baker’s philosophy program and the liberal arts education give you the well-rounded knowledge and confidence to pursue your dreams.