Physical Education Courses

HP 141 - Flag Football 1 hr.

This course involves instruction in football skills through student participation in practice and game situations. Students will learn and develop specific game goals and strategies in a variety of touch football games.

HP 145 - Tennis 1 hr.

Participants in the course will receive instruction in the basic skills of tennis and will gain an understanding of rules and scoring.

HP 146 - Recreational Soccer 1 hr.

The soccer activity course will provide experiences for the novice participant. The course is designed to teach soccer skills, game strategy, and interest in the sport.

HP 148 - Weight Lifting 1 hr.

This beginning course for the novice lifter develops knowledge of lifting techniques, weight room safety, and structured strength programs. The course will provide an understanding of the purpose of each lift and identify the specific muscle group used.

HP 150 - Leisure Activity 1 hr.

This leisure activity course offers participation and skill development for a lifetime of enjoyment in a variety of activities. Possible activities include orienteering, archery, bicycling, fencing and hiking and backpacking. Each student will be expected to provide their own bicycle for that section of the course as they learn touring procedures and bicycle racing styles. Activities may vary as interests and facilities change.

HP 151 - Basketball 1 hr.

Students will receive instruction in offensive and defensive skills of basketball for all levels of ability. Participants will learn the rules of the game and will gain an understanding of officiating.

HP 152 - Volleyball 1 hr.

Students will be exposed to game strategies and team concepts. The course may be modified to include sand volleyball skills.

HP 154 - Golf 1 hr.

Lifetime recreational interest and personal skill development are the two focal points of this course. Students will learn the basic skills for each club and apply that knowledge on practice ranges and local golf courses.

HP 155 - Racquetball 1 hr.

Students will learn the techniques and strategies of this quick, explosive, and competitive game and develop an understanding of singles, doubles, and tournament play.

HP 156 - Badminton 1 hr.

Badminton is a leisure activity that requires quick reactions and game strategy. Students will play singles, doubles, and participate in tournaments.

HP 157 - Swing and Line Dancing 1 hr.

Students will learn the fundamental skills in country line dancing and East and West Coast swing dancing. This course will address basic steps in a variety of dances and will teach the students complete and partial steps used in a variety of environments.

HP 158 - Softball/Kickball 1 hr.

Students will learn the basics of throwing, catching, hitting, and fielding while taking part in coed softball. Students will also participate in kickball as a recreational team sport.

HP 162 - Adapted Activities 1 hr.

Approval of the department chair is required. This course is designed for any student not able to participate in regular activity courses due to physically limiting conditions. Participants will work with the instructor to adapt a program to serve their personal fitness and skill needs. Prerequisite: Department chair approval.

HP 163 - Varsity Sports 1 hr.

Student-athletes in varsity sports may enroll in the credit during the season of participation. The credit from this 1-hour course will not meet the requirements for the Fitness and Well-Being perspective for General Education. Varsity sports include the following:

Team Sports

  • Baseball
  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Football
  • Men's Soccer
  • Women's Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Spirit Squad

Individual or Dual Sports

  • Women's Bowling
  • Men's Cross Country
  • Women's Cross Country
  • Men's Golf
  • Women's Golf
  • Men's Tennis
  • Women's Tennis
  • Men's Indoor and Outdoor Track
  • Women's Indoor and Outdoor Track
  • Men's Wrestling

HP 166 - Wrestling 1 hr.

The requirements of this course include an internship with a local wrestling program. Students will gain knowledge of wrestling rules, techniques, and officiating procedures.

HP 167 - Cross Training 1 hr.

Students will use the Fitness Center equipment to learn proper performance techniques, measurement procedures to assess their level of fitness, and program development for lifetime participation. The course content will include a combination of cardiovascular work, strength training techniques, and running activity.

HP 170 - Sports and Fitness Assistant 1 hrs.

Students may enroll in this course each semester they are working under the supervision of the director of Sports Medicine. Students will serve as athletic team assistants, rehabilitation aides, or student fitness instructors. This is a P/NC course that does not satisfy the requirements for the Fitness and Well-Being perspective of General Education.

HP 180 - Concepts of Health 3 hrs.

This course fosters an understanding of conditions and situations that affect an individual's health and well-being in order to provide the student with the skills needed to promote better personal and community health.

HP 181 - Introduction to Health, Sport, and Human Performance 3 hrs.

Students will be introduced to the history, philosophy, concepts, and trends in health, wellness, physical education and sport.

HP 182 - First Aid, CPR, and Safety 3 hrs.

This is the course of study prescribed by the American Red Cross in the theory and technique of administering first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Students will have the opportunity to analyze safety precautions used at home and in industry, athletics, aquatics, and recreational activity.

HP 184 - Lifetime of Fitness 3 hrs.

This course examines factors that affect a person's overall fitness. Students will conduct a variety of assessments intended to determine their current level of fitness and will examine ways to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.

HP 241 - Techniques of Teaching Individual and Dual Sports 3 hrs.

This course provides students with the skills to teach individual and dual sport activities traditionally found in physical education curriculums. Rules of sport, strategy of play, and skill performance are expectations of the course.

HP 242 - Techniques of Teaching Team Sports 3 hrs.

Students will gain knowledge of teaching techniques for team sports traditionally found in physical education curriculums. Rules of sport, strategy of team play, and individual skill performance are expectations of the course.

HP 243 - Movement and Rhythm 3 hrs.

This course covers methods of teaching basic dance routines and movement patterns in the educational environment. The impact of dance on growth and development of school-age children will be part of the presentations.

HP 244 - Essentials of Sports Medicine 3 hrs.

The course will cover the basic science of sports medicine, medical problems of athletes, sport-specific injuries, and anatomical skeletal problems. Students learn the fundamentals in the prevention and care of injuries related to athletic participation necessary for the teaching and coaching assignments. Laboratory experience provides situations for simulation and practice.

HP 245 - Human Nutrition 3 hrs.

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of human nutrition as related to growth, development, and the maintenance of good health. In addition to nutritional theory, students learn to analyze and plan nutritional regimes. This course is required for admission to most nursing schools and majors in several allied health science fields. This course is required for exercise science and health/physical education majors and teacher licensure.

HP 250 - Practicum Experience in Health 1 hr.

This course is designed to provide Health/Physical Education Teaching majors the opportunity to collaborate and engage in various health education settings outside of the K-12 school setting. The student will devote a minimum of 20 hrs of experience for this class. The student will work with an advisor and establish objectives for the experience, maintain a time log with specific activities involved, and prepare a summarizing statement of the total experience. Prerequisites: Junior or senior status and department chair approval.

HP 335 - Facilities and Event Management 3 hrs.

The purpose of this course is to study current developments and trends in design, construction, finances, and management of new and renovated sport and recreational facilities. Principles and theory of effective facility and event management will be taught through lecture, facility tours, and practical experience as students will have opportunities to apply their skills by assisting in the management of sporting events.

HP 339 - Methods of Teaching Physical Education and Health 3 hrs.

This course is a study of the principles related to the selection and use of teaching techniques for physical education and health programs in the Pre K-12 schools. This includes the understanding of the values of physical activity for healthy lifestyles, the comprehension of the historical perspectives for the evolvement of elementary, middle, and secondary school physical education and health curriculum, current trends in health and physical education instruction, student learning styles and the assessment of student learning. The course will include the creation of lesson plans, unit plans and measurement techniques along with effective teaching skills. The course will also include a field experience component in all three levels of classroom instruction. Prerequisite: HP 180, HP 241, HP 242 or permission of the instructor

HP 340 - Recreational Leadership 3 hrs.

This course will explore leadership skills required of a professional in the recreation setting. Development, planning, and management of recreational programs will also be discussed. Students will interact with leaders in the field as part of this course.

HP 342 - Motor Learning 3 hrs.

This course is specifically designed to bridge the gap between research and practice in the science of human movement learning. Students will be introduced to concepts that will build a solid foundation for assessing performance, providing effective instruction, and designing productive practice environments. Laboratory investigations will relate learning theory to feedback, retention, motivation, and optimum skill acquisition.

HP 343 - Physiology of Exercise 3 hrs.

This course is the study of the human system and how it reacts to exercise and athletic performance. The following areas will be addressed: nutrition, energy for physical activity, gas exchange and transportation, neural activity, stress, anaerobic and aerobic movement, strength, performance enhancements. Pre- or co-requisite: BI 246.

HP 345 - Therapeutic Exercise 3 hrs.

This course examines the foundation and theory associated with improving body function following injury. Principles of assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation will be taught by both lecture and laboratory sessions. Prerequisites: BI 246 and HP 244.

HP 346 - Adapted Activities for Special Populations 3 hrs.

This course involves the theoretical and practical approaches to adapted physical activity. Students will not only examine disabilities, conditions and diseases that might affect an individual's ability to participate in a variety of activities, but they will also learn how to modify activities for individuals within school systems, health and fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, and sports/recreational settings.

HP 347 - Applied Kinesiology 3 hrs.

Kinesiology is the study of the anatomical and mechanical aspects of human movement. This course explores the biological properties of the skeletal and muscular systems. Laboratory experiences will involve movement analysis, projectile-related activities, and aerodynamics. Prerequisite: Pre- or co-requisite: BI 246.

HP 348 - Sports Psychology 3 hrs.

The psychological dimensions of improving athletic performance of individuals and groups are studied.
Students examine psychological principles and techniques as they apply to coaching and competition. Prerequisite: PY 111.

HP 388 - Organization and Administration of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics 3 hrs.

This course provides an understanding of administrative philosophies and organizational procedures related to programs in health, wellness, physical education and sport. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status.

HP 420 - Theory and Principles of Coaching 3 hrs.

This course is a comprehensive, sport neutral study of the methods and techniques of coaching. The course combines sport science theory and research with the practical knowledge and methods of expert coaches in various aspects of coaching education and professional practice. After successful completion of the course, students will be listed in the National Registry of Coaches which will certify non-teacher education students to coach in the public school system. Prerequisite: six hours of HSHP credit, excluding activity courses or varsity athletics.

HP 350, 450 - Practicum Experience 1-6 hrs.

This course is designed to provide the student with opportunities for professional growth and on-the-job challenges in a field of one’s choice. The experience will be performed in an active learning environment under the guidance of a qualified field supervisor and department advisor. Possible areas for participation include: recreation programs, health agencies, coaching situations at all levels, sports administration, and sports medicine opportunities. The student MUST devote 40 hours of service per academic credit. (A student cannot enroll in more than a total of six hours of practicum experience during their tenure at Baker University.) Prerequisites: 2.50 cumulative grade point average, Junior or Senior status, and Department Chair approval.

HP 295, 495 - Special Topics in Health, Sport, and Human Performance 1-3 hrs.

These are specialized courses designed to examine a specific topic in health, sport, and human performance.

HP 496 - Senior Seminar in Health, Sport and Human Performance3 hrs.

This course has been designed to provide the student with an in depth seminar relating to careers and professionalism in the fields of physical education, allied health and wellness, physical rehabilitation and sports management. It will also include a discussion of current research and issues in these fields, interdisciplinary interactions, and career opportunities. Students will prepare a portfolio of materials and current practices relating to professions in these fields as well as a projection of the future directions expected. Prerequisite: Senior status in the department or permission of the instructor.

HP 497 - Clinical Experience in Health, Sport, and Human Performance 12 hrs.

This course is an in depth clinical experience in a professional setting monitored closely by site and University Supervision. The course involves approximately 40 hours of clinical experience for each hour of credit. The student and University supervisor establish a specific set of goals, and assess the outcomes at the end of the experience. The course will include a project that will be meaningful to the clinical site. Prerequisite: Senior status in the department and department chair approval.

HP 499 - Independent Studies in Health, Sport, and Human Performance 1-3 hrs.

Special topic research is available for students who have demonstrated superior achievement in the department. Course design is completed in consultation with the supervisor. Prerequisite: Department chair approval.