Concentration in Criminal Justice

The fields of criminal justice and criminology offer many career opportunities as well as opportunities for advanced study. Students interested in these fields major in sociology and choose 12 credit hours from among the following courses for an emphasis in criminal justice:

  • Criminology
  • Youth and Crime
  • Computers, Crime and Deviance
  • Criminal Justice
  • Sociology of Deviant Behavior
  • Sociology of Law

Students in the criminal justice program are also encouraged to minor in related fields that will help them in their careers. Many of our students minor in Spanish or in conflict management.

Combine Interests to Create an Individualized Program of Study

Criminal Forensics

Students interested in criminal forensics minor in or double major in the following:

White Collar Crime or Criminal Justice

Students interested in white collar crime and criminal justice may also choose to minor in or double major in the following:


Sociology students may earn credit through the Career Involvement Program. The Baker criminal justice and sociology program connects students to internships in a variety of law enforcement, judicial, corrections and service providing organizations.