Hostage or Terrorist Situation or Intruder


Persons entering a campus building, apprehending someone and/or threatening violence.


  1. Call 911.
  2. Call Campus Safety immediately at 785.594.8430.
  3. Secure immediate area to confine problem.
  4. If possible, secure building by locking appropriate doors (classrooms, offices and entrances) or, if circumstances require, find a safe location and wait for Campus Safety personnel to accomplish this.
  5. Contact your supervisor or chairperson or the vice president of your area. The command center team will determine a further plan of action.
  6. A decision on whether or not to evacuate will be based on all information received. If a decision is made to evacuate, all rooms must be evacuated. See Emergency Building Evacuation Plan for outside gathering locations.
  7. If approached by the media, please refer them to the public relations director, 785.594.8330. Do not make other statements. Especially do not say “no comment.” It is okay to tell the media, “I do not have that information right now. Please give me your number and your call will be returned.”