Telecommunication & Computer Service Disruption


Emergency or disaster situation that disrupts telephone service, central computer services or campus network equipment, facilities or services


  1. Contact one of the following:
    Telecommunications: Director of computer services: 785.594.8355
    • If telephones are operational: Dial ext. 0 (switchboard) or 785.594.4544.
    • If telephones are not operational: Go to the basement of the library and ask for the help desk coordinator, 785.594.4544.
    Computer Services: Director of computer services: 785.594.8355 | Help Desk: 785.594.4544
    • If telecommunications or computer services cannot be reached, contact the following:
      • Vice president of information technology: 913.344.8341
      • President’s office: 785.594.8311
  2. Use a telephone away from the area to avoid continued exposure to danger. Only use a cell phone outside of the building.
  3. If there is danger to a building or its occupants, call 911 immediately.
  4. Call Campus Safety immediately at 785.594.8430.
  5. Contact your supervisor, chairperson or your vice president.
  6. The command center team, which consists of the following, will determine a further plan of action.
    • Human Resources Director
    • Physical Plant Director
    • Dean of Students
    • Chief Communication & Strategic Planning Officer
    • Public Relations Director
    • Health Center
    • President, Baker University
  7. If approached by the media, please refer them to the public relations director: 785.594.8330. Do not make any other statements. Especially do not say “no comment.” It is okay to tell the media, “I do not have that information right now. Please give me your number and your call will be returned.”