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ENGINEERING | Building the Future

Students in our 3+2 preprofessional engineering program end their undergraduate years with two degrees, a bachelor in science from Baker and a degree from either the University of Kansas (KU) in Lawrence, Kansas; Washington University (Wash U) in Saint Louis, Missouri; or the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC).


Most engineering schools require students to choose a field of engineering in the first year of study. Not us. Learn about the different fields and take your time to find your passion.


Starting in their first year, students may be eligible for several academic scholarships based on high school GPA and ACT or SAT score.


Our small class sizes help students receive one-on-one attention from our top-tier faculty for their first three years, unlike at larger schools.


With a degree in one of the fundamental sciences and an engineering degree, graduates of our 3+2 program are more marketable than engineers with just one degree.


Baker alumnus Elliott Harvey designs water slides for Splashtacular, Inc. For him, it’s a dream come true. Let Elliott tell you why he believes he has the greatest job in the world and how the skills he learned at Baker are being used daily at Splashtacular.

ELLIOTT | Engineering Major, Class of 2011

“You hear all the time about Baker’s small class sizes. But it’s actually about a lot more than that. It’s about the relationships you develop with the faculty. I was offered so much more individual help at Baker during my first three years than any of my friends who spent their undergraduate years at big schools.”


Our preengineering majors have landed these jobs:

  • Product designer
  • Technical consultant
  • Operations manager
  • Computer hardware specialist


of Baker graduates are employed full time or enrolled in graduate school within six months of receiving their diploma.


Ran Sivron

Dr. Ran Sivron

Associate Professor of Physics

B.A. Israeli Institution of Technology, Ph.D. Montana State University
Expertise: black hole astrophysics, astronomy, astronomy pedagogy
Office: Boyd Science Center 223 | 785.594.4501 | Website


Andrea Howell
Department Assistant
Biology & Chemistry
Math, Physics, & Computer Science
Office: Boyd Science Center 327

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