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Endowed Scholarships

Baker University is grateful for the generosity of our donors who provide financial assistance to students through endowed scholarship funds. Since the start of the Forever Orange Campaign, Baker has received more than $6.5 million in gifts for endowed scholarships. Nearly 90 percent of Baker students at the College of Arts and Sciences receive some form of financial aid, and endowed scholarships are instrumental in that support.

All endowed scholarship funds are invested in the Baker University endowment, and a percentage, which is set annually by the Baker University Board of Trustees, is used to award scholarships to deserving students. Each scholarship fund has its own award criteria that was established by the fund administrators when the original gift was received by the university.

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A minimum of $10,000 is required to create an endowed scholarship. To learn more about establishing an endowed scholarship at Baker University or how you can make a donation to an existing endowed scholarship, please contact the Office of Development at 800.726.1554.
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The following scholarships help make the dream of a Baker education a reality.

Florence Byers Allen Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Alumni Advisory Council Scholarship

R. & A. Anderson Scholarship

Annual Baker Pride Scholarship

Chester P. & Rose D. Ashcraft Scholarship

Baker @150 Scholarship

Helen Tulloss Barnett, ’32, Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Mary L. Barton Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Gary & Scott Bates Scholarship

The Rev. Dr. Charles Bennette Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bernstein-Rein Scholarship

P. Bissell Scholarship

Diane & Murray Blackwelder Endowed Scholarship Fund

John E. Blake III Memorial Scholarship

Blue Cross of Kansas City Nursing Scholarship

Mary Faith Bollinger Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bowerman Family Endowed Scholarship

Dr. & Ms. Ivan L. Boyd Educational Scholarship

Breyfogle/Johnson Endowed Scholarship

James C. Bronston Endowed Scholarship

Jeanne Osborn Buck Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Drs. John & Susan Buehler Choral Music Education Scholarship

Hal E. Bundy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hugh Bunten Scholarship

William D. & Charlene S. Bunten Endowed Fund

Burcham Family Scholarship

Burroughs Constance Burroughs Scholarship

Jennifer Burton Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Carl & Leona Butell Scholarship

Robert O. Butler Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship

George & Mary Ann Carwell Endowed Scholarship

Nellie Chaffee Scholarship

Grace Barnhill Champlin Memorial Scholarship

Charlotte M. Northcraft

Ruth Crofoot Chastain Scholarship

Greta & Gene Chubb Scholarship

George and Virginia Cleland Endowed Scholarship

Orval Close Scholarship

William Cofer, ’49, Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Clyde & Minerva (Bragg) Coffman Scholarship

H.D. Colburn Scholarship

Kristin Cooper Memorial Scholarship

E.J. Cragoe Scholarship

Wilma Counts Crossan Scholarship

Warren E., ’49, & Marion Rhodes DeSpain, ’47, Endowed Scholarship in Church Leadership

Paul R. Dick Family Scholarship

Ira J. Dietrich Scholarship

Linda H. Dreyer Endowed Scholarship

Driver Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Rose Dubach Memorial Scholarship

Robert E. Dunham Memorial Scholarship

Earl & Helen Engler Scholarship

Everest United Methodist Church Endowed Scholarship Fund

Henry Farrar Family Scholarship

Dr. Stanley & Marguerite E. Flickinger Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Foreman Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Calvin Foreman Scholarship

James C. Foreman Endowed Scholarship

Joyce (Haskin) Fox Educational Scholarship

Benjamin Aberdeen Gessner Honor Scholarship

Emmalie Gessner-Cowherd Endowed Scholarship

Gessner-Cowherd Endowed Scholarship in Business & Finance

Give Something Back Foundation Scholarship

Rose Lister Goertz Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Goppert Foundation Endowed Scholarship

William Graves Scholarship

William N. Greene Scholarship

Chris Grubb Memorial Saxophone Scholarship

Eulalia Weber Guise & Bryon E. Guise Memorial Scholarship

Memorial Endowment Fund

Alice M. Haigh Scholarship Fund

Esther & Elisabeth Hancuff Scholarship

Clarence L. Harder Scholarship

Dan & Peggy Harris Endowed Scholarship

Babe Hawk Scholarship

Mel Hawk & Alice Calderwood Hawk Endowed Scholarship Fund

Tammy Spiva Hawks, ’72, Endowed Scholarship

Dr. John W. Heaton Scholarship

Sam & Frances E. Chubb Hedrick Family Scholarship

Hey Family Scholarship

Truman N. Hiatt Scholarship

Highbaugh/Ulland Scholarship

Dorothy J. & James F. Hilgenberg Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Laura Booth Hoch Scholarship

Matthew Hodges Scholarship

Martha Walker Hoffman Nursing Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jerry Holley, ’60, Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Irmagene Nevins Holloway Scholarship

Harold & Carol Horn Legacy Scholarship Fund

Nelson Paxson & Nell Horn Memorial Scholarship

C.L. Hovgard Scholarship

Howard/Bonnell Memorial Scholarship

Huyette Scholarship

Robert and Marcy Irby Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Grace Irwin Scholarship

Herbert W. Irwin Scholarship

Verrinder Ives Scholarship

Jefferson-Greiner Endowed Scholarship

Norma & Mable Jewell Scholarship

Clara Louise Johanning-Dufrene Scholarship

Leona Butel Johnson & M. Johnson Scholarship

Jessie L. Jones Scholarship

Dorothy Mae Yerkes & Samuel Kajese Endowed Scholarship

R.B. Kester Scholarship

Coach Zach Kindler Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fred & Loreen Klasse Scholarship

Paul & Mary Lou Lincoln Kochan Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jennie E. (Howell) Kopke Scholarship Fund

Kramer Herndon Scholarship

The Rev. Eugene & Mrs. Minnie C. Kramer Scholarship

Genevieve Kuraner Scholarship

Ada Hopkins Lake Endowed Scholarship

Carolyn Bright & Daniel M. Lambert Endowed Scholarship Fund

Della Mae Lambert Memorial Endowed Scholarship

J.J. & Ann Lanning Scholarship

Molly Larson Scholarship

Monty & Bootsie Lauridsen Endowed Scholarship

L.V. Lawellin Scholarship

Henry & Frances Laws Scholarship

James L. Leek Scholarship

F.C. Joyce A. & Ruth Leitnaker Memorial Scholarship

Lenhart Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gilbert Lewis A. & Martha Jane Lewis Ferguson Scholarship

Cleo & George Linton Scholarship

Verdon & Emil Liston Scholarship

Mack Leon & Lucille Littrell Scholarship Fund

Ruth Yeoman Lockwood Scholarship

Dr. Pat & Dennis Long Endowed Scholarship Fund

George & Ethel L. Malicky Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Margi & Neal Malicky Endowed Scholarship Fund

Markham Dean’s Scholarship

H. & G. Martin Scholarship

Max Martin Endowed Scholarship

Octa I. Martin Scholarship

Ramona Martin Scholarship

Leota Massie Scholarship

Marjorie Randall Maxwell Endowed Honor Scholarship

Leonard McKee Scholarship

Dr. Iona H. Shulenburger McLaughlin Memorial Endowment

Richard E. McLeod Scholarship

McMannis Scholarship

Ruth Brune Mangelesdorf Scholarship

Manuel B. & Y. Margot de Leon Mendoza Family Scholarship

Metro UMC KCKS Scholarship

Cecil R. Miller Endowed Baker Fund

Gladys Miller Scholarship

Robert L. Miller Scholarship

Rolla & Beulah Miller Scholarship

Moorman-Price for Fiction Scholarship

Thelma Reinhard Morreale Scholarship

Mark Harrison Morris Humanities Scholarship

Ruby Murphy Scholarship

Murphy Trust Care of Elders Scholar

Edith Parrot Neal, ’37, & Charles B. Neal, ’37, Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Eugene Nelson Scholarship

W. & W. Nelson Scholarship

Don and Ruth Ann Nutt Scholarship

Dr. Michael O’Bryne Endowed Scholarship

Fred Osterhout Scholarship

Earl Parker Scholarship

Paula M. Parker Endowed Scholarship

Richard & Mary Parker Nursing Scholarship

Kay Norton Parkin & Larry M. Parkin Family Endowed Scholarship

Arthur S. & Leora J. Peck Scholarship

Mike & Cathy Philpot Endowed Scholarship Fund

Pinnell/Starr Scholarship

Pittsburg United Methodist Church Scholarship

E. & P. Platt Scholarship

Platt-Butler Endowed Fund

Emma May Poland Scholarship

Polen Family Endowed Scholarship

Polster Scholarship

Suzanne Stannard Pope Memorial Scholarship

M. & L. Pressgrove Scholarship

Edna L. Skinner Prince & Warren V. Prince Memorial Endowed Challenge Loan/Scholarship

Alexandra Scott Rampy Endowed Scholarship

Wayne Randall Scholarship

Lee & Lela Rehrig Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Carol Lee Miller & Carla Miller Reynolds Scholarship

Betty Harvey & John Rhodes Scholarship

Ethel & Raymond F. Rice Scholarship

Charlie Richard Memorial Scholarship

Jane & Dean Richards Scholarship

Rodekopf Scholarship

Rogers Music Award

S.B. Rohrbaugh Scholarship

Rosedale United Methodist Church Endowed Scholarship

The Rev. William M. Runyan Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Music

Gerry L. Rutherford Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Coralie Campbell Rynerson Memorial Scholarship

Robert & Ellen Sadler Scholarship

Edna Salburg Scholarship

Ruth Sarna Scholarship

Margaret E. Scanlon Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Lois May Schlaegel & George B. Levering Endowed Memorial Scholarship

James O. Selzer Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Frank Siess Scholarship

Dr. Janice DePalma Simpson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Richard L. Simpson Endowed Scholarship Fund

David Sloop Memorial Scholarship

Craig T. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ken Snow, ’64, and Dottie Snow, ’84, Endowed Scholarship

Nancy Boudrot Spear & Karl (Bud) Spear Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. W.L. Speer Scholarship

Patricia (Pat) Corken Sublett, ’57, and Steve R. Sublett, ’58, Family Endowed Scholarship

Renee Sudduth Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Arthur Thomas (Tom) Swan Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Edrie Parker Swanson Endowed Scholarship

Gary L. Tate Scholarship

Anna W. Taylor Scholarship

Gladys Taylor Scholarship

TNT Scholarship

Tri-Delta Scholarship

Irma L. Unger Endowed Scholarship

Carly Upp Scholarship

Miriam Braun Vandever Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Jerry L. Weakley & Patricia Francisco Weakley Endowed Scholarship

Rick Weaver Scholarship

Donna G. & Fred L. Webb Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Webster Endowed Scholarship

H.C. Wilkenson Scholarship

D.W. & N. Williams Scholarship

Sibylia Winegar Scholarship

Wendell & Louese Winkler Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sherrie Wood Memorial Scholarship Fund

Corinne Woods Scholarship

Ellen Woods Scholarship

Mary Jane Zelsman Endowed Scholarship

Doris Cink & Kathryn Zimney Endowed Scholarship

Chester Zook Endowed Scholarship