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Get Involved

Get Involved

At Baker University, thousands of alumni and friends are actively helping us transform students’ lives, attract top minds to teach, and advance what we know in a way that will impact generations to come.

We invite you to join this community, which plays a critical role in helping us remain Forever Orange.
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Wildcats Helping Wildcats

Connect students with internships at your place of business

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Baker has shaped who you are today. So you understand the qualities Baker develops in a young person and the qualities a Baker graduate brings to the workplace.

Make a Difference

Could you or your company provide a Baker student valuable internship experience or advance the career of a graduate just starting out? This not only benefits the job seeker, but also provides an opportunity for your company or organization to identify promising new talent and gain the skills Baker is known for.

Think Baker First

If you’re in a position to help a fellow Wildcat, please let us know how you can share your knowledge and resources by contacting Baker’s Office of Career Services.

Gary Handy, Director of Career Services & Community Outreach